It was me....but still screwy

N3ADL at N3ADL at
Sat Nov 2 12:38:47 EST 1996

There is no plaque for the Caribbean DX multi's......Just USA.....If you
wanna plaque you gotta sponsor it yourself...or get a volunteer club to do
so.  This must be the same with the VE gang as well...Hey K2NJ..I'll sponsor
the VE plaque if you'll sponsor the Caribbean plaque. Something wrong with
sponsoring your own plaque!
Still looking for tug boat to tow V2 into Zone 9 but hafta watch out for
N3ED's dynamite threat from PJ9E. Great JOB again ED! You guys can do 30 meg
in your sleep with those 3 pointers ;-(
                                                               73 de Doug @

>From millersg at (Steve Miller)  Sat Nov  2 17:46:40 1996
From: millersg at (Steve Miller) (Steve Miller)
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 12:46:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Something Screwy or is it me??
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> Hi Gang!
> I'm not one to bitch and moan but this one is tweaking me pretty good so I
> IN CQ we have the "North America" CQ Phone winner of last year Bob, N2RM
> This year it seems to be KC1XX and his crew...
> Nice Plaque to both stations for thier accomplishments over the last two
> years.

The October 1996 CQ list N2RM as the USA M/M winner for 1995 phone CQWW.

> We at V2 are in NORTH AMERICA (FINI-ATE)
> We smoked both Stations mentioned above both years by double.

Smoked? - you were out-multipliered on every band by N2RM except 10 
meters. Besides, half your QSOs are with the USA where N2RM does not compete.
Outside the USA, your QSO totals are about the same. Even though you nearly 
doubled N2RM's score, you didn't exactly smoke them.

> We get a rather mundane looking certificate #1 Antigua/#2 World
> At least we hope we get the certificate :-)

Now there is some incentive to go for #1 World!!!

> It seems to me that if we are in North America for the contest then WE should
> have gotten both plaques as they are now posted.

The CQ write-up posted World, USA, Europe, and Japan M/M trophies - none 
for N.A.

> Perhaps a different catagory should be in for the North America
> CONTINENT which should have been won by VE9DH and his crew (I think)
> and one for the Carribean North America.  OR..

Yes - more categories and subcategories so each station who enters CQWW 
receives a nice placque  ;-)

> Perhaps a change in the configuration to put the Caribbean in Zone 9 so we
> can compete with the 3 pointers....

Or you could operate from zone 9.

> All I know is that something is wrong with the present system and it needs to
> be fixed. Comments welcome!

Yes the CQ scoring system is inconsistant. In fact, V2/NA enjoys 2 points 
per intercontinental QSOs versus 1-point elsewhere in the world. While 
the goal of any contest is to maximize your score, the USA versus 
Canada/Caribbean versus zone 9/10 etc... comparisons cannot be judged by 
score alone - it is not a good enough measure to compare operating 

You know you did a good job - your competitors know you did a good job - 
if you really proud of your effort, go to the local trophy shop and get 
your own placque made - or better yet, donate a placque under the 
appropriate catagory to the contest sponsors....



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