Tom Rune Lauknes Tom-Rune.Lauknes at itek.norut.no
Sat Nov 2 20:24:06 EST 1996


      Call: JW5VK                    Country:  Svalbard
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single HP

Operators: LA1BJA, LA5VK


      160      2      2         2      2
       80      15     17        6      10
       40      54     119       16     29
       20      1062   2784      30     74
       15      142    408       13     22
       10      0      0         0      0

     Totals   1275    3330      67     137  =>  679,320

As you can see, the main band was 20m. The low bands were not very 
productive, this probably caused by poor antennas.
Beeing the only JW on the bands, and almost the only zone 40 gave us 
some nice pile- ups on 20/15. It is _really_ fun running
pile-ups at 5 qso/min. We had some really great runs into the US and EU, 
and a couple into JA as well. We had a great time,
something we find most important, even though the score could have been 
much higher with better antennas. We lost a lot of
multipliers due to our low activity on the lower bands. This time the 
antennas for 80/40 had blown down before we arrived, so
we were only using some kind of longwire for 80/160, and a (to short) 
delta-loop for 40m. 

Once again, we had a great time,and this was certainly not our last 
DX'Pedition effort. Thanks for calling us in the contest. 

QSL for JW1BJA and JW5VK is via LA5VK, direct or bureau.

By visiting the homepage, you can see some pictures from our 
previous expeditions to JW.
The home page is located at:


Finally, many thanks to JW5NM and JW8GV for helping us.

73s Tom, LA1BJA
tomrune at itek.norut.no

>From foggie at dtx.net (foggie)  Sat Nov  2 19:25:20 1996
From: foggie at dtx.net (foggie) (foggie)
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 1996 13:25:20 -0600 (CST)
Subject: open logger proposal
Message-ID: <XFMail.961102134132.foggie at dtx.net>


>>I have a dream....  a logging program that is extendable, user
>configurable, and is supported across various platforms.

        I was considering Java as a replacement for my current logging 
program I have been writing under C/C++. There are some things I don't like 
about java, that admittedly make it both safer but harder to write in. That 
is no pointers. I will be the first to admit though that Java is great for 
cross platform stuff, at a low (read free) cost. But I am currently staying
with C++. If the project gets started though I would be interested in 
coming onboard. 

>My vision is of a program written in Java using a standard
>database access and an open specification for the components
>so they could be easily replaced or upgraded.  Just think of
>being able to replace a serial port with a tcp/ip module for
>networking.  Or plugging in an FT-1000mp control module in
>place of a TS-940s module.... or even better, being able to
>take a generic radio module and configure it yourself for
>your new FT-1000000MPXYZ.

That is rather grandoise. :) A lot of work, but doable. Someone could
probably work up a database class pretty easily. I have just started in
java, so I am not sure whether it allows function overloading, but I would
think that would be a necessity for the database class considering the
diversity of exchanges in our contests.

>Obviously this is not an overnight project, I am thinking of
>the future.  I wouldn't trust Java with making coffee right 
>now, let alone trying to run it for 48hrs straight in such an
>application.  And of course lots of us wouldn't have the 
>computer resources to run it right now anyway.  But some day
>the support for CT will finish fading away, and pentiums or
>better processors will take over, and Java (or a similar 
>object language) will mature enough, and ???????  I think 
>starting this now will provide a path to the future of not 
>just contest logging, but maybe complete station operation.

Why not trust java? I agree there is no better time than the present to start.
If we can work up enough interest I will gladly offer a page on my account
for the "java-logger". 

>This logger would not be ready for general use for a couple 
>years probably.  I think it will take several months to just
>figure out the basis of the data structures, and at least 
>as many to collect a list of features for a user interface.

I doubt that it would take a determined group 2 years to write a USABLE
logger. It would probably take a couple years before it got to the point
where it had all the features that you list though.

>I would like to get some idea of the interest in a project like
>this.  This would probably take a group of contributers, I 
>definately don't have time to do it all myself, but if there 
>is some interest in this project I would like to be in on it.

Agreed. I don't either. I can donate some time, but between my day job in the
US Army, and my night job of consulting I am strapped for time. I have not
even had time lately to track down some bugs I have found in my linux logger.

Al - kk5zx

P.S. if we really want to get serious here's my home phone #: 318-537-6809.

E-Mail: foggie <foggie at dtx.net>
Date: 11/02/96
Time: 13:25:22
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>From kt4ld at juno.com (Andrew H Lewis)  Sat Nov  2 19:58:20 1996
From: kt4ld at juno.com (Andrew H Lewis) (Andrew H Lewis)
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 1996 14:58:20 EST
Subject: FTP
References: <199611021754.MAA14342 at cindy.surfsouth.com>
Message-ID: <19961102.160029.4407.0.KT4LD at juno.com>

On Sat, 2 Nov 1996 12:56:52 -0500 graham at surfsouth.com (Graham Crosby)
>Can someone tell me the address for the FCC ftp site. Also, what is 
>name of the file that contains the vanity call daily issue info? Yes, 
>know the computer is down. I want the info for future reference.
>TNX ES 73,
>Graham Crosby
>graham at surfsouth.com
>People who think they know everything annoy the
>PISS out of those of us that actually do.
>Clinton/GONE 96 Do the RIGHT thing. Vote DOLE/KEMP 96
Just go to the FCC database or better yet go to QRZ and go to the special
section on vanity info at WWW.QRZ.COM or you can try KI4HN's awesome
page. But I don't understand who GONE is? Did you mean GORE? And I can't
tell who you like since you put up both candidates names?

                                                      KT4LD-16 YEARS OLD

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