Vanity calls - when can you use them?

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Sat Nov 2 18:46:01 EST 1996

As a VE, I hear this question all the time, from new licensees and 
people who are changing their calls with an upgrade.  For at least
the last year now, it has been legal to use a new call as soon as it
appears in the FCC data base.  You do not need to have a hard copy
license in hand.  This is even true for folks who are getting their
first license after passing a (usually no-code) VE exam.  So as
soon as you know what your vanity call is, go ahead & use it.  If
the FCC does with these calls the way they do with most licensing
actions, the hard copy will arrive within 7-10 days of when it
appears in the data base.

Hope you all enjoy your new calls - I'm keeping my old one.
73 - Alan

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The folks giving last two are a killer when using CT!
Full callsigns really help keep up the rate.

out of band:
Numerous USA stations called me direct below 3750.
Others were crafty enough to shout "listen up listen up".
I don't think any USA called below 14150 this year...

The other item of concern was a WD4* I worked.  He said no problem we
have vp2e in the log.  I replied:  Look we haven't
worked.  The wd4* then said.  I'm just rounding up stuff for K4*.
This K4* being a station I'd just worked.  It might be maybe
this guy is just gathering stuff to spot on packet for his local club.
73 Robert  WB5CRG  w5robert at   

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How the hell do you think the FCC has the power to change a Federal Law>
I asked a simple
question, if you can't answer it, get the hell off my back.

Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4ab at
Date: 11/03/96
Time: 03:17:03

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Have you noticed that this guy has changed his call twice. Just this
morning he was K4SB now he is K4AB with the same name. This guy has to be
a pirate! I have never heard of someone with two US calls at once and I
know the FCC didn't issue him a vanity call because I checked tonight. I
may be 16 years old but I'm not stupid enough to know when someone is
BS'ing me.

                                                           I may have a
new nice call tommorrow but today I have a bad one
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>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Sun Nov  3 17:38:57 1996
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Date: Sun, 03 Nov 1996 07:38:57 -1000
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At 11:44 AM 11/3/96 EST, you wrote:
>Have you noticed that this guy has changed his call twice. Just this
>morning he was K4SB now he is K4AB with the same name. 

Well,  the a and s are right next to each other on the keyboard;  I have
made that error myself when my left hand accidently moves one set of
keys to the left or right.

Anyway,  Ed's call is K4SB,  and has been since at least February,
1988; and he is Extra Class per the QRZ data base web site.
 He is  just frustrated,  as are many of us!  After all,  it has been
 three years since Congress authorized the FCC to issue Vanity calls.

Too bad the  Congress and Press. have cut so much money from the
FCC's budget,  and then tasked then for an immense list of "projects"
via the Telecommunications Bill  passed this past year!  Also too
bad the money we are paying for Vanity Calls just goes into the
General Fund of the US Gov,  and does not add to the FCC's
allocation to provide the Vanity Program the Congress authorized
in 1993.  Also why the FCC has closed most of the monitoring
stations,  no money.

So we just wait,  until what will be,  will be.

73,  Jim,  AH6NB for a few more  days.

P.S.  WH6WI on the Big Island upgraded to Extra a
couple of weeks ago,  was issued AH7H on the very
last run of the FCC computer.  Now he has been told
via teleco to Gettysburg not to use the call!!  It
probably is good,  but they are now saying all calls
issued since 10/24 are invalid!  He is one disappointed
guy as he wants the AH7Hawaii  call!

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