40M Flagrant Violations

gator at wolfenet.com gator at wolfenet.com
Sat Nov 2 14:20:16 EST 1996

Years ago, I encountered a similar situation to what John, W0UN, described.
I reported it to the contest organizers (ARRL or CQ).  No small amount of
acrimony followed as the operators of the station tried to make me the bad
guy for reporting them, and attempted to make themselves the victims.

Nevertheless, my integrity is intact; I don't care what they think or say.
*I'm* not the one who was operating out of the U.S. phone band.

John, IMHO you should report the violation to CQ or disclose the call to the
list--your choice.

-Charley, K7NW
 "N6AA is my hero."

P.S.   Sorry I'm a little late in commenting; I was at the Black Rock
Desert, Nevada, with Craig Breedlove's Spirit of America team, in a
*contest* for the world land speed record.

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