OUT OF BAND Q's and other grumblings..

N3ADL at aol.com N3ADL at aol.com
Sun Nov 3 08:43:34 EST 1996

Hi All!

I kept a running tally of "out of band" ops during my time on 15m. We were
set  up on 21.195 working europe. 43 US stations, some from well known
contest stations, came down and threw thier call in. I tried to be diplomatic
and give them the gentle hint without actually giving the call but some
persisted and I actually had to stop the run and tell W#??? that he was OUT
OF BAND. So tell your OPS to pay attention to the band plan and have
patience. We will come up to the US phone band after the European run dies.
The object of the test is to work Europe (or other DX) so that is where we
look first but we love those great rates from the GOOD ops in the US.

 Many thanks to you guys who use FULL Calls. It really helps the rate meter.
Whomever started the "last two" and "middle two" needs to be shot! It just
adds time and keystrokes to each Q.  We consistantly hear WEAKER stations
giving FULL CALLS over stronger stations using partial calls. Chod Harris has
a few GREAT tips in this months CQ (p. 106) on the subject. 

We apologize for failing to get on RS-12/15 and Oscar (software problems)
after the test but Tyler, KF3P, gave out over 400 Q's on RTTY and Tony, WB2P,
worked 12 and 17 with fervor.  160 was a real pain with 60 over static
crashes and the BBC across the road was pure hell at times with a trashy
mega-watt transmitter.

See you all in ARRL Phone!      This should be a great time. Point the
antennas on the US and let'er rip!

                                                     73 & DX 
                                                     Team Antigua V26B

                                                             73 de Doug V26DX
@ V26B 

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