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The best way to have a greyline program and a logger on at the same
time is to use a windowing environment - Windows/Win95 is OK but I
use OS/2 - and have each program running in a different window.  The
caveat with that is that if you use either the CW sending or DVK
capability of the logging program you may get some really strange
results if the system decides to time-share while you are sending...
i.e. your voice may go flat or your sending rate down to 5 wpm for
a few seconds!

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>From jfunk at (jim funk)  Thu Nov  7 05:42:44 1996
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Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 23:42:44 -0600
Subject: hangover
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Hi Mal,
        Sure glad you showed up this year!  KB5IXI has been fairly regular, 
but I never heard him this time.
        Your comment about "contest hangover" is an interesting one.  I've 
had an increasing problem with this and hope it's not just related to aging!
The last two contests I've done (ILL QSO Party and CWSS, I've had ripping 
headaches the next day and haven't been worth a dime for a couple of days 
afterwards.  Can't afford to lose the operating time plus the time from 
work. XYL gets testy when she has to feed the cows by herself....
        Other than shingling a roof, do you have any 
preventatives/treatments for "contest hangover"?  Sounds like a topic we 
could collectively research.
        73, Jim N9JF
The Lane, The Pole, The 2-Yard Line, 14.002; Radio Contesting isn't for Sissies.

>From kc2x at (Steve Sacco KC2X)  Wed Nov  6 21:24:32 1996
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Date: Wed, 06 Nov 96 16:24:32 -0500
Subject: One PC, Two Monitors
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> When operating DX contests its useful to run a grayline
> program as well as your logging program. Can someone
> recommend how to set up a single PC to have two video
> displays, one to display grayline and the other to
> display the logger? Can this be extended to more than
> two monitors?
> 73
> Kris N5KM 
> mraz at
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Kris -

Check out Colorgraphic Communications.

They make a video card which supports 2,4, or 8 monitors, and they
support Windows95, Windows 3.x, Windows NT, and OS/2.

Web address:
e-mail:		sales at
Phone:		(770) 455-3921

I have no experience with their products, but they sure *seem* interesting.

Hope this helps!

Steve KC2X

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>From jdowning at (John Downing)  Wed Nov  6 19:10:00 1996
From: jdowning at (John Downing) (John Downing)
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 11:10:00 -0800
Subject: One PC, Two Monitors
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Use of two monitors on one PC is an idea I looked into several years ago.
The Mac has fully supported this feature for quite some time.  Many CAD
designers and graphics designers have long used this capability on the
Mac.  Unfortunately, not much ham radio  (or anything else these days) 
related software exists for the Mac - by and large ruling it out as the 
machine of choice for contesting.

Over the last few years a few video board shops have produced dual port
graphics adapters for PCs.  Most have been tailored to the Autocad
customer.  Number 9 did one several years ago.  Another smaller company
(whose name escapes me) has advertised such a product in the back of
PC magazine - but is not in the current issue.  The best I can find is a board
sold by "Industrial Computer Source", 800-523-2320,
It costs $1099 and is supported by DOS, Win3.x, and WinNT 3.5.  No mention is
made of Win95 or NT 4.0 - perhaps due to print lead times.

Good luck in your project.  Keep me informed.


V31DX / 8P9IX / W2NA - formerly N6YRU

>From trogo at (Tony Rogozinski)  Thu Nov  7 06:08:54 1996
From: trogo at (Tony Rogozinski) (Tony Rogozinski)
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 23:08:54 -0700 (MST)
Subject: 1000 ft rolls CATV Hardline $125
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Bryan I will take one and possibly 2 if they're still available.
Guarantees a 5V QSO!


At 09:22 AM 11/6/96 -0600, Bryan Edwards wrote:
>        A couple of weeks ago we were able to get
>a lot of rolls of 1/2" CATV Hardline (72 ohms) that
>is brand new on the wooden spools WITH connectors.
>It sold so quickly that lots of guys didn't get any. 
>I was able to get 12 additional rolls yesterday and 
>I think this will be the LAST that will be available. 
>        This is brand new unused cable that will make 
>great feedlines with very low loss.  
>        Price is $125 per roll plus shipping to your 
>QTH. Normal UPS charges will run about $35-40 per roll.
>This is really a great deal, about half the loss of 
>RG-8 yet less than half the price.
>Bryan  W5KFT

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