I GOOFED! Vanity Call List now Active!

Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House n0dh at comtch.iea.com
Wed Nov 6 15:38:35 EST 1996

Scott Neader, KA9FOX wrote:
> Oops... I was doing some late night editing of the TR web page and I would
> up blowing away the KA9FOX home page.  All is fine now, so if you've got a
> new vanity call, please enter it into the database at:
>         http://www.QTH.com/ka9fox
>         Click on "Vanity Callsign Announcements"
> It works now... really!!
> 73 - Scott KA9FOX
> (at least for now)
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
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> Scott Neader (608)788-1234 / FAX (608)787-0100 / neader at QTH.com
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Bzzzzttttttttt..........Still nor able to input to file as of 3:30pm PST
This what appears on my screen when I tried to update

Error in /cgi-win

An error has occurred in /cgi-win.

Failed to open the Output File

Please note what you were doing when this problem occurred, so we can
identify and correct it. Write down the Web page
you were using, any data you may have entered into a form or search box,
and anything else that may help us duplicate the
problem. Then contact the administrator of this service: 
<info at infoanalytic.com>

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