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Sun Nov 3 19:39:51 EST 1996

I know it has been discussed in the past, but what is the rationale
for NOT having multiple band qso's with the same station in SS.  It
would sure seem to increase the action.  What are your thoughts?


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Subject: OUT OF BAND Q's and other grumblings..
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At 10:45 AM 11/3/96 -0600, you wrote:
>The folks giving last two are a killer when using CT!
>Full callsigns really help keep up the rate.

With a significant degree of success I do the following:

Me     'XRAY-XRAY We QSOd B4 QRZ de me'
Caller 'Sorry' and QSYs or 'full call, whine whine'

It doesn't eliminate the problem entirely, but those listening whose IQ
exceeds the numeral in their call tend to catch on real quick.


PS.  Apologies to WN4KKN and KA9FOX - I couldn't think of suitable graphics
to attach.

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Subject: Multiple Band SS QSO's
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On Sun, 3 Nov 1996 19:39:51 -0500, you wrote:

>I know it has been discussed in the past, but what is the rationale
>for NOT having multiple band qso's with the same station in SS.  It
>would sure seem to increase the action.  What are your thoughts?
Sweepstakes was originally a message-handling contest, not a band/rate
contest.  When you've sent the "message" to one station on one band, the =
is done.  Changing this would change the SS tradition itself, something =
ARRL is not likely to do.

73, Bill W7LZP
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Subject: OUT OF BAND Q's and other grumblings
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As Doug explained, we NEED to work as many 3 point qsos as possible.  This 
means working Europe.  Europe went away both Saturday and Sunday for us at 
about 1800 to 1900Z.  After that time, we qsy'ed to about 21265 and worked 
1,482 qsos with US stations on 15m.  On both Saturday and Sunday, the run 
"dried up" after 2 or 3 hours even though the band was still open into the 

Our operating technique will stay the same should conditions remain the 
same.  If we can work 3 point qsos with lots of multipliers, we'll do just 
that.  If the band is open to Europe, there is no justification for us to 
work the U.S.  If the U.S. was 3 points for us, our score would jump from 
26.9 million to about 32.2 million.

I'm sorry your operating schedule didn't allow you to work us after 1800z.


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Subject:  Re: OUT OF BAND Q's and other grumblings

Hi Doug,

Last year also I noticed V26B operating almost exclusively in the DX
subband on 15 meters and spent many hours waiting for you guys to
decide to work USA stations. I had already worked V26B on 4 bands in
the 1st hour of the contest looking for the certificate to be issued.

Finally 30 minutes before the end of the contest your 20M op told me
that 15 had shut down for the contest but that you would be dragged
back over to the rig for me to get a 15M QSO and certificate.

Well, I was on frequency with lots of nice Carribean signals coming
through and no V26B for 20 minutes when I gave up.

As a leisurely operator I'll work 800 - 1,100 Q's for those who need
the Q's. Because of my health I rarely operate more than 14-16 hours
and don't send in a log except for ARRL SS.

Notice that in the 1996 CQWW contest my callsign does not appear on
any band even though I was well aware from friends on the trip to
call. Could it be my disappointment from the previous year ? I'll bet
it had a big effect on my not bothering to call.


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