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>We like to have your opinion, experiences etc about commercially 
>available rotators capable of handling our 40 meter yagi which is 
>currently a 2 elements full-size but likely to become a 3 element next 
>summer. Any reply direct to me would be welcome.
Hi, Alex --

    IMO your options (in decending order) are:

Prop pitch -- will rotate a house and utterly reliable
Orion 2800 -- a pretty good heavy duty rotator with worm drive (no brake
required) and        splined output shaft
Create RC5B-3 -- good comments from users and it has good sturdy gears in the
Yaesu G-2800SDX -- may be suitable but lacks the rotating torque of above
rotators and     uses  the aluminum mast clamps that are easy to overtighten
and break

      The only other HD rotator that I've seen was in an Italian ham magazine
and looked like an industrial motor and transmission.  There are also
commercial rotators available but are expensive.

      BTW, you may want to subscribe to TowerTalk -- the tower and HF antenna
reflector.  This is the kind of topic that may be more suitable for it than
the CQ Contest reflector.  Send a message to towertalk-request at with
subscribe in the message and you'll be all set.  It has many knowledgeable
people that can provide valuable information.  See you there.

73 and good luck --  Steve  K7LXC

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