Multiple Band SS QSO's

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Mon Nov 4 11:29:51 EST 1996

   I like the present formula. It gives an opportunity for those 
of us that are antenna challenged on some bands to still 
      You see alot of great scores by guys that don't have super 
stations and that may have utilized 2 or 3 bands. 
   73 Ken KP4XS
P.S. Does anyone know K9ZO's E-Mail address if he has one?

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, bsimonson at (Beryl D. Simonson) 
>I know it has been discussed in the past, but what is the 
>for NOT having multiple band qso's with the same station in SS. 
>would sure seem to increase the action.  What are your 
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From: n6zs at (George Steinert) (George Steinert)
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Subject: Where was WYO es MB?
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>Where in the heck was WYO and MB?  Missed the Sweep this year!  RATS! 
>k0wa at
With something like three hours to go in the SS, Wayne N7NG called me on 20M for 
my final multiplier (WYO).  He was giving out numbers in the 70's so obviously 
had just come on.  I said "Bless You!" and paused.  Wayne then adroitly stole my 
run frequency and I just leaned back and laughed!  It was worth it to be had by 
an expert to get the sweep!  Thanks for WYO, Wayne!

73 to all!

George, N6ZS

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