hill vs. ocean qth

bill.lumnitzer at paonline.com bill.lumnitzer at paonline.com
Mon Nov 4 12:21:19 EST 1996

 Ve> Subject: Hill vs. Ocean QTH

 Ve> I think the HILL vs. OCEAN question can be answered only by having two
 Ve> nearly identical and GOOD setups operated one at the high hill, one at
 Ve> the ocean, not too far apart.
 Ve> I would also appreciate any experiences, notes and comments on this
 Ve> subject. Please send the info to my email addr: VE3BMV at AOL.COM

 Ve> 73 de Yuri, VE3BMV, AB2BO, P40A, ex OK3BU, soon ...
 Ve> "We are not reflecting RF!!! We are refracting and ducting!!!!
 Ve> dit dit

My vote for "Best QTH in the world" is KM1H. 

K6STI's TA program shows Carl to be on top of a hill that Smoothly falls
off in all directions. This topography seems to have the effect of placing
a big, fat lobe RIGHT-ON-THE-DECK, almost independently of antenna height!
I believe that Horizontal antennas with this property will almost certainly
Always outperform even verticals over sea water because of the 6dBi gift of
additive ground reflections.

73 Bill N6CQ/3

PS: EVERY posting I have made lately has elicited some degree of nastiness
from a few folks. If THIS doesn't offend someone, please let me know and I'll
try a little harder! ;)

PPS: I know, I'll try sticking on my ss score at the end:
15hrs (mostly 80m s&p), Multiop (packet), 150W = 420 Q x SWEEP

(My first in 25yrs since I won the San Diego Section as a guest op at W6ISA
- Former Big-Time west coast multi manned by guys like N6CW and N6VR)

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