Summary Dunestar and I.C.E. filters

C.T. Morton kt6v at
Mon Nov 4 14:49:39 EST 1996

At NC0P Toni uses a Dunestar (we lovingly call them dungstars) on all
rigs.  We are usually M/S but have the other rigs looking for mults. 
gud results in my opinion. Seem to still get some 20-15 meter bleed over
this is in part due to proximity of the stacks. No experience with the


I use individual ICE bandpass filters and built my own relay switching. 
They are then controlled by a Top Ten Devices controller.  I've blown up
two, but they seem to be very well made.  Nonetheless, if I had it to do
again, I'd use the six filters in one box solution from either ICE or
DuneStar.  But buy a spare, it is always possible to blow up a bandpass

Fred Hopengarten, K1VR
The ice individual band filters are fine, I have 2 of their switching
filters the 419 box...took 10 months to get it, with many calls to ICE.
If you can buy off the shelf, its nice.  I think the Dunestars are up
to speed, some guys smoked early models with 100 watt radios.

73 Chas K3WW
        We have two sets of ICE at our M/S contest 
station.  One is individual filters for each band, 
the second is the "bandswitching" model with all
filters in one box.  we have been very pleased with 
them, they take the pain out of operating multiple 
radios close together

Bryan  W5KFT>

Would appreciate learning about the Dunestar ones as well.  The original
K4VX design has parallel tuned input and output tuned circuits and a
tuned coupling from input to output.  The ICE ones substitute a topology
that only has a series cap between input and output, resulting in
poorer response.  Curious about the Dunestar topology.  Know that K0RF
just bought one--maybe I can take it apart as well as run it on my

Please copy and/or summarize and forward any input--and I am sure that
are many on the reflector that will be interested.

73  John

John Brosnahan   W0UN

Hi Tom...I'm using the ICE bandpass filters between my transceiver and
single-band amps (Model 404, 405 etc.) for 80-10 and they are quite
effective in dropping interstation interference. They also helped knock
some harmonics that were causing TVI.....73/Jon

  The I.C.E. filters we use down in our KP4XS M/M appeared to 
work better than the Dunestar filters. This is our experience.
Plus, the I.C.E. custoer support has been KICK ASS!!! 73 Ken

     Have used them both in Multi-opr contesting and they both work very
well.  Amazingly well, in fact.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

I use one of the 600 models here, in both m/s and m/m situations. We
13 towers and pretty wide spacing (on 80 acres) so life isn't that hard
for interstation qrm. It's there as a preventative measure more than
anything. No problems with up 200 watts thru it, usually 100 watts or
is used. BUT the few times we did have RF problems, I had some home brew
(K4VX design from QSt article) single band filters that I put - several
times they helped, couple times they didn't. They're not going to work
completely against 2nd harmonic energy, of course. These home brew ones
not look that great when viewed with test equipment, and the 600 looks
better, but for whatever reason, in a few cases, the home brew stuff was
better. And they sure are cheaper, but that's a tradeoff for the
swithing and convenience of the 600.

73 Don


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