Please, callsign announcements

Thu Nov 7 00:03:57 EST 1996

I agree...I was like a crazed kid last nite....came home to see a message in
my e-mail from KN5H stating the Gate 2 calls were out....I tried to log onto
the web and AOL was blocked/backed up - for 15 minutes I tried and tried...I
am sure every ham AOL subscriber was trying to do the same (it couldn't have
had anything to do with the guy Clinton....arrrgh)

Since I was cat sitting the W1YL/W1CW cats I then jumped in the Nissan and
litterally sped to their place (about half way over there I realized what I
was doing and chilled out)...

When I got there, I still had the same problem, couldn't sign onto the
web...but I could FTP, luckily I had done it a couple of weeks ago and
remembered the address. (Heah Dad - you can through those files
in the Garbage Can on the Mac)

While the file was downloading I fed the cats....

I then logged off and opened and unzipped thE file....

The first thing I saw was a message that stated "due to the size of the file
it could not be read in its entirety, here was the first part"... ARRRGH, my
call is gonna be at the end of the listings (afterall W4ZX had been my first
choice) and I won't be able to see it......but I would scan the list in case
I had gotten one of my other "K" picks.

I spoke a four letter word aloud, the cats froze in their tracks, then turned
and looked at me...they could tell I was upset....but, I persevered....

I read the list and as I stared at the screen I scanned down the infinitesmal
print....I decided to start reading the "old call" to the right rather than
see who got the call on the left...God it was taking an eternity....then,

STOP, was that me

Arrow UP

Yes, K1zx - a look to the left.....I am now K4OJ

Choice #5....FINE. As long as I made Top Ten I wasn't going to be upset!


Yeah, I ain't been so excited in a long time.....has to have been at least 3
days since I was so excited - when I realized as I tuned the band that for a
long time on Saturday night we had THE BIGGEST QSO number, boys and girls
this IS a rush.....more to follow on that in a detailed SS post....pbly
tomorrow or Friday...cannot get the DOS files to work on this Performa...will
have to bring the '386 over here to do a scan.

Yeah, It Was Like Christmas....

It has been quite the wife came home from a two week business
trip....and my birthday is Friday! 

Oh Joy


Old Jim  -  K4OJ   (fka: K1ZX)

 Known For Orange Juice
The Florida Contest Group

>From 74364.2660 at CompuServe.COM (Thomas Carlsson)  Thu Nov  7 08:13:50 1996
From: 74364.2660 at CompuServe.COM (Thomas Carlsson) (Thomas Carlsson)
Date: 07 Nov 96 03:13:50 EST
Subject: CQWW-CW A45ZN
Message-ID: <961107081349_74364.2660_HHG46-1 at CompuServe.COM>

CQWW-CW from A45ZN, Oman

Tony, A45ZN has invited me to operate MS from his QTH in Muscat.
At our sunset 14:00 UTC we will try Long Path (US west coast etc.)
on 80 and 160. 

Or in short:
A45ZN, CQWW-CW, MS. QSL via: Tony Selmes, PO BOX 981, Muscat 113, Oman

This means that I will not be QRV from HZ1AB this year, hopefully
someone else will. This will probably make my friend 7Z5OO more unique in 
order to boost his score.

73   Thomas    SM0CXU/AB5CQ
E Mail:   tks.tksthc at

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