One PC, Two Monitors

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Wed Nov 6 23:55:28 EST 1996

No need for two monitors. Use windows, open window with TR log in DOS window,
open GEOWIN in another window. You can switch between them wit Alt-Tab. Good
enough, while calling CQ look at geochron, Al-Tab and switch back to loging
on TR. No need to be fascinated 100% of the time with greyline - geochron
display. Used it in CQ WW phone from CG1ZZ (IG9/IV4TAN was modulating my
display - just kidding, he was only 30 db Over S9.) Worked like a charm, no
hickups. Thanks Tree!!!

73 de Yuri, K3BU  (ex OK3BU) VE3BMV, P40A

>From ki4hn at (Jim Stevens)  Thu Nov  7 04:20:37 1996
From: ki4hn at (Jim Stevens) (Jim Stevens)
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 1996 23:20:37 -0500
Subject: Vanity Info
Message-ID: < at>

I've fixed the perceived problem with Club Calls.
Check out the page.

Keep sending me contesters that have changed calls,
I'll update that part of the Web page tomorrow.

Also least part of the difference between the 4500
applications in the ARRL bulletin and the 3790 vanity
calls in my list is caused by people that requested
a vanity calls but did not get any of their choices,
so they reverted to their original call.

73, Jim Stevens, K4MA (ex KI4HN)
email -- ki4hn at
WWW   --  -> vanity call info

>From AD1C at (Jim Reisert AD1C)  Thu Nov  7 03:54:52 1996
From: AD1C at (Jim Reisert AD1C) (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 96 23:54:52 -0400
Subject: CT Support Telephone Numbers
Message-ID: <199611070455.XAA30870 at>

On 06 Nov 1996 16:11:23 -0500, "Ference, Jack" (AA3KX) wrote:

>Today I learned that the numbers I had for CT support were very much
>outdated. Could you please provide me the new numbers for the

	K1EA Software
	Distributed by XX Towers, Inc.
	814 Hurricane Hill Road
	Mason, NH  03048
	Orders:  603-878-4600   FAX: 603-878-1102
	Support: 603-878-4200   BBS: 603-878-1900 (28.8K,8N1)

Note this address works for PacketCluster (tm) updates as well.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert <AD1C at>          

>From AD1C at (Jim Reisert AD1C)  Thu Nov  7 04:24:04 1996
From: AD1C at (Jim Reisert AD1C) (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 96 00:24:04 -0400
Subject: Please update WA4ZXA or KA9FOX with your vanity callsign change!
Message-ID: <199611070524.AAA04652 at>

I'm going to update the CT master callsign file with all *reported* vanity
callsign changes.  By reported, I mean those sent to WA4ZXA or uploaded to
KA9FOX's web page.  I am *NOT* going to cull callsign changes out of
people's E-mail messages, signature files, or anywhere else.  You *must*
give your update to WA4ZXA or KA9FOX.  Please do *NOT* E-mail me directly,
I get enough mail as it is.

I'll post the updated files for download the weekend of November 16/17.  I
hope the VE7TCP server is back up by then.  Sorry, I just don't have time
to do this before Phone SS.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert <AD1C at>          

>From floydjr at (Jimmy R. Floyd)  Thu Nov  7 02:17:37 1996
From: floydjr at (Jimmy R. Floyd) (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 1996 22:17:37 -0400
Subject: Not Seeing
Message-ID: < at>

I am sending Score Summaries for both CQWW and SS CW. I have also sent
two summaries of the new call signs. I have not seen any of these yet
or have I been so busy I missed them.

Just wanted everyone to know I am sending them.

73's Jim
           * Jimmy R. Floyd  (Jim)   Thomasville, NC                *
           *                                                        *
           * Amateur Call:              >> WA4ZXA <<                *
           * Packet Node:               >> N4ZC <<                  *
           * Internet Address:          >> floydjr at << *

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