One PC,Two Monitors

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 I found the one to make display at two monitors from one PC.
Probably, if inquiring of the shop that, it will be.

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Subject: One PC, Two Monitors
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On Wed, 06 Nov 96 14:20:03 +0000 albraun at writes:
>The best way to have a greyline program and a logger on at the same
>time is to use a windowing environment - Windows/Win95 is OK but I
>use OS/2 - and have each program running in a different window.  The
>caveat with that is that if you use either the CW sending or DVK
>capability of the logging program you may get some really strange
>results if the system decides to time-share while you are sending...
>i.e. your voice may go flat or your sending rate down to 5 wpm for
>a few seconds!
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 IMHO, the best way is to indeed use that old 286 or 386 and a separate
monitor. Besides having a constant display always in the same desk
location and not ever hiding potentially important logging information, it is visually appealing and easier to read full-screen. I like
continuously running the greyline program for the usual reasons--it
keeps me aware of the passage of time.

N6TV was working on this problem a few years ago, using OS2. While I
believe he eventually got it playing, he needed a large monitor (17"+)
at maximum resolution to prevent  "shadowing" the log. I don't know how or if he solved the clocking problem that messes up the CW.

Around here, a 286 or 386 has nearly no value. My daughter's preschool begs for computer donations with the caveat  "486 or better processor". Might as well use it for greyline! (or packet...oops!  I mean RTTY).

73 de Bob, K6XX 
(ex N6IP)

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