To dupe or not to dupe..

Scott Ellington sdelling at
Thu Nov 7 17:13:07 EST 1996

>Chances of having dupes   
>using computers has to be close to nil.

Chances of accidentally claiming credit for them is nil, but there
are plenty of ways to get them in the log.  So??

Scott  K9MA
sdelling at

>From ppvvpp at (Gary Sutcliffe)  Thu Nov  7 23:31:09 1996
From: ppvvpp at (Gary Sutcliffe) (Gary Sutcliffe)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 17:31:09 -0600
Subject: NCJ CTT&T column
Message-ID: <199611072331.RAA07290 at>

 Hi Gang!
 The deadline for the NCJ Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques
 again approaching.  Please get send you tips for this issue's 
 topic directly to me by Nov. 12.  As allways, thanks to everyone
 who has supported my column.

Topic For Jan/Feb 1997

Small-Tower Antenna Farms

What antenna combinations work best for the contester
who is limited to a single tower between 40 and 70 feet? 
What if two such towers are possible?   What kinds of 
"invisible" or temporary antennas are effective for the 
contester who can't have any antennas? What works best
for DX contests?  What about domestic contests?

Be sure your call sign is in your message.

Thanks & 73 - Gary

Gary Sutcliffe,  W9XT          Unified Microsystems
ppvvpp at              PO Box 133 Slinger, WI 53086     414-644-9036

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Thu Nov  7 23:31:37 1996
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 13:31:37 -1000
Subject: Random or ?
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Aloha to all,

A couple days ago I sent the following, in part:

>>I was lucky to get my third choice out here;  of the calls on
>>my appliction,  about 10 were issued to Hawaiian hams
>>on Day1!  Someone else even got KH7DX.

This morning,  as one response,  I rcv'd the following,  in part:

 >KH6DX went to Rie Nagi who also has the call JI5BLQ and had the call AH7C.
>She was number 2 in line at the Mellon Bank on Sept. 20. Her OM was number 1
>in line and got the call KH7A. His JA call is JA5DQH and his name is Akito
>I was number 3 in line and got my first choice of calls.

Does that sound as if it happened by chance via a computer assinging
random numbers to our 610V applications?  BTW,  the AH7C call had
been assigned to Rie  about 9/18 or 19th before Gate 2 opened on 9/23!

73,  Jim, KH7M

>From w2up at (Barry Kutner)  Fri Nov  8 01:02:13 1996
From: w2up at (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 01:02:13 +0000
Subject: Summary - Logging pgms
Message-ID: <199611080104.UAA01725 at>

About a week ago, I posted a request for info regarding DX4WIN 
logging program. I got very few replies.  One said "go with KD7P." 
Another said "go with LOGic 4." The following is the ONLY reply I 
received from an experienced DX4WIN user (one other had the pgm only 
2 weeks and likes it so far):

>   I am using DX4WIN and have been since it became available (ver .97b). The
> current version is 1.08. I switched from dxBase, mainly because of their
> upgrade policies, ie, upgrade every time whether it was significant or not,
> or loose your upgrade path and pay new price to get back in. My other
> complaint with dxBase was that there was no provision for tracking
> endorsements at all, especially if you wanted to know what call you had
> submitted for the endorsement. When I asked about that I was blown off with
> 'Well, the ARRL doesn't require that'. Well, that may be, but it is still a
> pretty crummy response to a paying customer (IMHO).
>   The program is very easy to use but is enough different from dxBase (and
> probably from most others) that it does take a little getting used to.
> Short learning curve though.
>   The voice spotting from packet cluster is good. I have asked them if
> there  is any possibility of separating the 'new band or mode' spots and
> for additional 'significant hell raising' for an all time new one. Will
> have to wait and see what happens with that one.
>   Have corresponded with Steve Bookout via email on several occassions
> regarding questions or requests and have always received a timely response.
> Think he is the marketing side of the team.
>   Unfortunately I have not been active in any contests since I purchase the
> software so I can't comment on its importing abilities from CT, NA, TR,
> etc. Importing from dxBase went very smoothly with only a couple confused
> countries where the prefix did not fit the conventions.
>   You can search on any field and it has built in provisions for tracking
> DXCC endorsements by band, mode, or mixed. Counties, IOTA, and several
> other awards are also tracked.
>   Anyhow, I am well satisfied with the package. Upgrading from .97b to 1.08
> has not cost me a dime and there have been some worthwhile changes in the
> package. They have a web page,, and you can
> download a demo version from there. It is fully functional but won't save
> your log.

I hope this is helpful. I got many more "please post a summary" 
requests than actual replies :.(
73 Barry, (still) W2UP
Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at
Newtown, PA         FRC         alternate: barry at

>From darrel at (Darrel Van Buer)  Fri Nov  8 00:20:57 1996
From: darrel at (Darrel Van Buer) (Darrel Van Buer)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 96 16:20:57 PST
Subject: Worst FCC vanity error?
Message-ID: <9611080020.AA12320 at>

I think the biggest error for the day 1 batch was the assignment of
I'm pretty sure the FCC had no authority to issue that one!
I don't know if the error was on the 610V or was keyed wrong twice, but
there was certainly a lack of validation in the software.
I wonder if they'd issue me DX4DX?

73 de Darrel AK6I ex KI6VY

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