Verticals and rain static

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Thu Nov 7 17:54:13 EST 1996

Chris, I have long ago shorted my verticals to ground at the vertical when
in receive mode. I can over ride this, and there is "fail safe" circuitry
in use which, IF the antenna does not switch to ungrounded status, my amp
will not key. ( as you have guessed, it is keyed through 1 side of the
relay....I use old rotator cable ( small size, and short wires to give me 4 
lines to the vertical.

The reduction in noise on the Bevs, ect. is absolutely amazing when the
vertical is grounded, never less than 2 S units, and 4 or 5 is not
uncommon. Circuitry is simple. When the transmitter tries to key the amp,
it puts 15 Volts on the relay coil, it then switches to open, removing the
short to ground, and the other side of the relay is wired to complete the
keying circuit.

W6GO gets all credit for the idea. The heywire is mine.

Hope this helps.

Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4sb at
Date: 11/7/96
Time: 5:54:13 PM

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>From 0007359114 at (Bill Straw)  Thu Nov  7 22:20:00 1996
From: 0007359114 at (Bill Straw) (Bill Straw)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 96 17:20 EST
Subject: QSL CARDS
Message-ID: <84961107222048/0007359114PJ4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

    I've gotten 50 QSL's already (2 yesterday,48 today).
Over half (26) were for QRPers, QRPPers, and one was a
QRPPPer running 100 milliwatts. I don't specifically
remember working this last guy, but I do remember
wondering how one ENY station could be 59+40db and the
very next could be S1.
    Like everyone else noticed, there sure seemed to be
a lot of QRP and 2X3/CK 90's stations. This is a very
positive trend. Other than the last 2 hours, there really
wasn't a Sunday slowdown here. Bring on the spots and 
the return of 10/15M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

73 BILL WB0O in Northern North Dakota

>From n4zr at (Pete Smith)  Thu Nov  7 22:30:36 1996
From: n4zr at (Pete Smith) (Pete Smith)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 14:30:36 -0800
Subject: To dupe or not to dupe..
Message-ID: <199611072230.OAA15238 at>

At 03:31 PM 11/7/96 -0600, Scott Ellington wrote:
>Except in a contest with a long exchange, like SS, it's almost
>always faster just to work him again.  You mark the dupe, claim
>zero points, and the log checkers will probably give you the
>contact/mult if the first one isn't in the other log.

OK, I heard two of the very very top SS ops this weekend giving serial
numbers on the air, late in the contest, that turned out to be substantially
more than their QSO totals as reported on the internet.  So what gives?  It
would appear that some of the top guys *are* working dupes, even in SS.  I
had my TR Log set to send QSO B4, and nobody argued with me, but still had 5
dupes, all resulting from S&P QSOs where I initially copied the call-sign
wrong and then corrected it in the exchange field. I doubt that scenario
explains large numbers of dupes, though, particularly for the top ops.

BTW, what a great feature that exchange parser is!

73, Pete Smith N4ZR
n4zr at 
West (bigawd) Virginia

>From Fatchett.Mike at (Fatchett, Mike)  Thu Nov  7 22:23:29 1996
From: Fatchett.Mike at (Fatchett, Mike) (Fatchett, Mike)
Date: 07 Nov 1996 15:23:29 -0700
Subject: To dupe or not to dupe..
Message-ID: <0608532826161015*/c=us/admd=attmail/prmd=tci/o=mailhub/ou=msmaildos/s=Fatchett/g=Mike/@MHS>

Upon further thought.  What is the purpose behind the dupesheet during   
the contest?  I use it as a tool when hunting and pouncing so I don't   
waste my time in pileups for stations I have already worked.  The   
computer programs now mark the dupes for you.  Chances of having dupes   
using computers has to be close to nil.

In the old days <cringe> we would keep a sheet during the contest and   
would recheck the log after the contest as well.


>From Fatchett.Mike at (Fatchett, Mike)  Thu Nov  7 22:17:40 1996
From: Fatchett.Mike at (Fatchett, Mike) (Fatchett, Mike)
Date: 07 Nov 1996 15:17:40 -0700
Subject: To dupe or not to dupe..
Message-ID: <05D133282600300C*/c=us/admd=attmail/prmd=tci/o=mailhub/ou=msmaildos/s=Fatchett/g=Mike/@MHS>

I agree with the work that station again and mark it as a dupe.  The last   
major efforts I was on happened before computers became the end all.  I   
could never find a way to keep a dupe sheet when the rate is 300/hr or   
with Qso totals in the 1000's :).

What I do when a station tells me I am a dupe is to tell them that THEY   
are not in my log and to please work me.


>From k7jj at (Dave Earnest)  Thu Nov  7 23:04:59 1996
From: k7jj at (Dave Earnest) (Dave Earnest)
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 15:04:59 -0800
Subject: Vanity Calls/QSL Printers
Message-ID: <32826B1B.15FB7483 at>

I just placed an order with W4MPY for cards.  He is being
inundated with orders from us guys with new vanity calls.  He
found 11 feet of faxes waiting for him today!

It is a good time for him, with sunspots being as they are!
If you want new cards, better get the order in to your favorite QSL
card supplier.  It will be probably take a week or 2 to get new cards
with the backlogs that are obviously being built up.

73, Dave K7JJ

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