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Aloha to all,
A couple days ago I sent the following, in part:
>>I was lucky to get my third choice out here;  of the calls on
>>my application,  about 10 were issued to Hawaiian hams
>>on Day1!  Someone else even got KH7DX.
This morning,  as one response,  I rcv'd the following,  in part:
KH6DX went to Rie Nagi who also has the call JI5BLQ and had the call AH7C.
She was number 2 in line at the Mellon Bank on Sept. 20. Her OM was number 1 
in line and got the call KH7A. His JA call is JA5DQH and his name is Akito
Nagi. I was number 3 in line and got my first choice of calls.

Does that sound as if it happened by chance via a computer assigning
random numbers to our 610V applications?  BTW,  the AH7C call had
been assigned to Rie  about 9/18 or 19th before Gate 2 opened on 9/23!

73,  Jim, KH7M


OK, just a couple of corrections and then a little news.

By unanimous vote of those of us at the Mellon, Rei actually was the #1
submission, then her OM, then a WB8, and then myself. After a couple
of minutes, they formed 2 lines, so where Jim was may just be a question
of which line. I hand delivered about 330+ applications. Of those 330+,
43 of them (13%) have sent me EMail giving me their new call. 39 of the 43 
got their #1 choice, 2 got #3,1 got #5, and 1 #10. So, 90.06% of the 610Vs I
delivered have gotten their first choice.. Not being a statistician, I don't 
know how many out of the 330+ I must have for a valid conclusion, but if any
of you guys did have me deliver for you, please send new call and # it was.

There is no doubt that the FCC did NOT process them in random order, but in
fact did so in the order they got them from the Mellon. 

Most of you are aware I've been a little ticked off at the FCC for a few
previous shenanigans, and some have napalmed me.

Now try this on for size. The FCC on September 23 received about 337
Electronic filings. I did a little data doodling with the file numbers,
and lo and behold, the FCC processed them in REVERSE ORDER. In other words,
if you filed 1 second before midnight of the 23!!!, you got the first
vanity call issued under Gate 2. Now, you should look at what these bottom
filers received. DX, a lot of CW, a lot of double letters (LL,MM, ect.)
and so forth, all very prime calls. Getting back to those I delivered in 
regard to the ones who didn't get their first choice, ALL their choices 
prior to the one they actually got were Electronic filings.

Now I don't personally know most of those who got the really prime calls, 
but I just can't quite make myself believe that any of them were so stupid 
as to suddenly remember...."Good Grief, this is the 23rd. Gate 2 is 
open...better get my 610V in Electronically." at the very closing mins of 
Day 1.

I can only read that one way. These people knew the FCC would process them
in reverse order and that the Electronic filings would be processed first.

Wonder how they knew that? 

Next in the data doodling will be a comparision of the names....At this
point, I can only speculate that some of them will be low people in high

I DO NOT intend this as an insult to a single one of these individuals. To
be honest, if I had applied for a change, and had that information, I would
have done the same thing. You aren't the ones who really cheated, although
you have done a little "insider" trading.

So, you folks who didn't get your first choice take a look at the electronic
filings, and you'll see why.

If someone can explain why they did the Electronics in REVERSE order and
the Mellon in submisson order, I'd sure like to hear from you.

In short, the FCC cheated. Like they cheated in Gate 1 ( and I'm not 
talking about the fradulent applications )

I lost nothing...but you my friends ( and enemies ) did, and
that ticks me off. We all compete against each other in the various 
contests,( thus making this a contest related post...wonder if that will
fly ) and yes, some of you cheat( probably by using the so called 
California Kilowatt.but I've got news for you. There are a few of those
around Atlanta also, and they've been used to place very high by some
pretty well known calls) But the vast majority of you don't, for the simple 
reason you have too much honor to place much value on a certificate, ect. 
which every time you look at is a reminder of your cheating.

Not asking for any cancellations of any call issued. But I swear to you
it will not happen again.

Congratulations to all of you on the new ones. I figure I'll get to know
you all anew in the upcoming contests. Unlike someone suggested, it isn't
the call which wins, it's the person.

Remember, be nice

73, Ed    
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This topic is neither interesting or topical for this reflector.

Try CQ-VANITY-CALLISIGNS at whocares.com

Every time I set "mail" I realize immediately why I set set "no mail" 
the last time.

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