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Hello all

I am living up to a commitment I made some time ago to "do my part
for the sport of contesting" and take my turn editing the NCJ.

As all other editors have felt, I am somewhat overwhelmed with the
tasks necessary to complete the job, and also feeling somewhat
hard-pressed to meet the same high standards set by Bruce, AA5B, and
his predecessors.  Bruce did a great job--TU!

As always and forever, I/we am/are looking for fresh material for
publication.  It is not as difficult as you might think to put your
work into the NCJ.  I have done it several times in the past.  One
just needs the topic and the desire.

I prefer to find material that has not been published
before--especially off the CQ Contest mailing list.  Please run your
ideas through me for help if you are interested in doing an article,
or if you have something underway.

If anyone is interested in writing a new column please let me know

The editorship has kind of made its way across the continent.  Now it
is in the upper Midwest--an area I am particulary and peculiarly
accustomed to.  The Midwest in general is also the place in the world
where the LARGEST amateur radio and contest stations will be found.
I hope to tap the expertise of the people in this region who have
done their time from the "Black Hole."

I also bring other likes and dislikes to the job that may be somewhat
different from past editors.  I very much enjoy VHF/UHF contesting
and DXing.  I find that few HF contesters have really sampled what is
available "higher up."  I hope to expand some of the things we do as
contesters with VHF/UHF contesting.  Many typical contesters have
been bitten by the VHF bug lately and are discovering a new frontier
wher every QSO is an achievement on the par of working HS7AS long
path on 40.

The NCJ is and always will be the best contest-specific magazine
available.  We will continually try to set it apart from the rest.
If you do not subscribe I ask that you do so.  Our niche withing the
amateur community is constantly endangered from one arena to another,
so any support for the sport is ammunition in our favor.

The next sunspot cycle will bring the best EVER contest and general
operating enjoyment.  Activity is at an all-time high, technology is
widely and cheaply available the world over, travel is as inexpensive
and safe as it will be for decades to come, and all the contest
records that mean anything will (in my opinion) be set--possibly
forever, in the upcoming years.  Be a part of it!

73, Dave Patton, KW9KW


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4305 N. 1550th Rd
Colcchester IL 62326

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