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<< Circumstantial evidence seems to support his claim that electronic 
 submissions were processed first and that applications were not processed 
 in random order like the FCC stated.

FYI: A good friend of mine, WA6ZJC, was Issued K6AM via a paper application,
a very desireable call! I think it is safe to say this was probably one of
the most sought after calls in 6 land and proves that electronic filing did
not get a better chance than paper apps.

My $ .02 worth,

Terry Gaiser - W6TG  (Mine was 3rd choice, paper application, but who else
would of wanted this call? I have no idea.)

>From k0rx at solon.eng.uiowa.edu (David R. Andersen)  Fri Nov  8 19:56:43 1996
From: k0rx at solon.eng.uiowa.edu (David R. Andersen) (David R. Andersen)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 13:56:43 -0600 (CST)
Subject: A Data Point
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Just a data point:

1) I sent in a paper application, it arrived Saturday Sep 21 at around noon.

2) According to the list posted by K4MA nee KI4HN, my application was the
   161st run through the system.

3) I received my 3rd choice. K0DX went to KA0CNN from North Liberty, IA
   as the number 116 app., and K0AA went to a (apparently real) club
   station in Highlands Ranch CO as the number 109 app.

The point of all this being that if there were 350 or so electronic apps,
they didn't run all of them first.  Mine was a paper app and went 161st.

I'm not saying the government isn't out to get us all, but it doesn't seem
that they are in this limited case.


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