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Fri Nov 8 16:05:33 EST 1996

Bill and ALL,

Let me rip the foot out of my mouth...I should of checked FIRST. K6AM DID
file electronically...I thought for sure he had told me otherwise. 

Terry - W6TG Ducking the rotten tomatoes.

>From mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (David C. Patton)  Fri Nov  8 19:44:55 1996
From: mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (David C. Patton) (David C. Patton)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 13:44:55 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Attn: Club secretaries
Message-ID: <199611081944.NAA15717 at ecom7.ecn.bgu.edu>

I am compiling a master list of contest clubs, and more importantly,
the GEOGRAPHIC CENTER of each club.  I need to know the exact
latitude and longitude coordinates for each club's center.

I understand that center coordinates change occassionally, and I will
record those also.

I can use the name of city or town if that is how a center point is
declared.  I will determine the lat/lon myself.

I will produce a series of maps at various scales of the contest club
scene around the world.

I will also be calling around to get the information from ALL clubs
if I don't hear from someone via Internet.

73, Dave Patton, KW9KW, Editor of NCJ
KW9KW at contesting.com

>From tree at lady.axian.com (Larry Tyree)  Fri Nov  8 21:32:25 1996
From: tree at lady.axian.com (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 13:32:25 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CW Speed control - a revolution?
Message-ID: <199611082132.NAA17011 at lady.axian.com>

After the recent CW SS, several of the top guns were chatting on
160 meters when they came up with an idea.  The idea is simple -
sending exchanges to people in the contest at a code speed
appropriate for them AUTOMATICALLY.

There are guys who get on every SS who send at about 15 WPM with
a hand key - but they always get the exchange the first time even
if it was sent at 35 WPM.  There are others who have to sit through
the exchange once and then ask you to QRS twice before they can get
it.  What if you had a database which told you what code speed
to use.  You could send at 45 WPM for K1AR and K1DG when they call in 
on Sunday...  but send at 15 WPM when someone who isn't comfortable
at anything higher.

There are two things that need to happen to put this into practice.
First, we need to expand the MASTER.DTA file format to include
code speed (one more byte per call).  I have a proposal for this
which I hope NA will follow (it is already implemented in TR).
The other step is to have a web page where people can input their
call and code speed.  The data can be downloaded and exported
into the .DTA file before each contest.  Scott, KA9FOX is going
to support this activity.  

The ARRL has expressed interest in a QST article on the concept and
I hope to use that as a way to encourage slower speed CW operators 
to jump into CW contests.  I think having some control over the speed
exchanges are sent at will give them more confidence.  Hopefully
the result will be more activity for everyone.

Watch for an announcement when the web page is complete.  The download
file format will simply be an ASCII file with a callsign and code speed
on each line.  I hope all of the purveyors of contest software will
support this feature (I am not trying to make this a TR only thing).


Tree N6TR
tree at contesting.com

>From Fatchett.Mike at tci.com (Fatchett, Mike)  Fri Nov  8 21:26:52 1996
From: Fatchett.Mike at tci.com (Fatchett, Mike) (Fatchett, Mike)
Date: 08 Nov 1996 14:26:52 -0700
Subject: Vanity random?
Message-ID: <054BA3283A59C007*/c=us/admd=attmail/prmd=tci/o=mailhub/ou=msmaildos/s=Fatchett/g=Mike/@MHS>

I truly wonder if the list posted on KI4HN's page is the real order of   
processing.  There is a spot in the list where a large number of K0 call   
were issued in a row.  It would have been nice for the FCC to put what   
number we were in the queue and the preference choice granted ie 1st 12th   


>From WYLIE at colloquium.co.uk (Tom Wylie)  Fri Nov  8 22:14:59 1996
From: WYLIE at colloquium.co.uk (Tom Wylie) (Tom Wylie)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 22:14:59 GMT
Subject: CQWW CW
Message-ID: < at ms.colloquium.co.uk>

Look out for me on 40m   SOSB

I will be G M 6 X   as I was in the SSB event.

Pse QSL via buro or direct to my home call GM4FDM.

I will be running legal limit with
2 ele cushcraft yagi at 80 feet
and running CT

73 to all
de Tom - GM4FDM

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