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I didn't get one of my 25 picks.  No reason to be upset at anyone but
myself.  If I had it to do over again I would have gotten 25 club calls
and put in 25 applications for the same 25 calls 25 times.  That guy in
California with all the club calls was the smartest one.  Nobody will
remember who he is/was a year from now.


Bill, KM9P / K4AAA

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Well Bill, if you had done the 25/25 routine, you very possibly would have wound up with
nothing again. Consider. On first filing, #1 w4aa and you get it. On #2 filing, w4aa is
assigned and you move to #2. Say w4bb available. W4AA is then vacated into the 2 yr pool
and you get W4BB...sequence will continue until filing #25. By then two things will have
happened. All the calls which you had listed which were unassignable belong to someone else.
But let's assume all 25 were good to begin with. On submission #25, you have been granted
and then vacated 24 calls into the pool. The very best you could get would be your 25th

Warning NEVER EVER submit a new application until the old one has been acted on. You very
well could vacate your first choice. Now in the case of 25 different club calls, your method
would work.

Tucker, and a few others are going to be remembered long after a year. If that sucker
transfers trusteeship of a single one of those calls, he and the new trustee are gonna be
charged with fraud. That is assuming he remains alive and well.

Best, really like towertalk

Name: ed sleight
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Date: 11/8/96
Time: 4:20:47 PM

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