More OO confesions... AKA ooops!

N3ADL at N3ADL at
Sat Nov 9 12:57:36 EST 1996

AAHHHH.... I remember it well... It was my very 1st time on for CQCW. Not
being very proficient in the mode I decided to do my duties and produce some
points. Talk about slow took me 4 or 5 tries to get a guys call in
the S & P mode and 4 or 5 tries to get the exchange (forget running!) . But I
hung in there all weekend. I'd start at the top of the band and work
everything I could hear all the way to the bottom. Did this for every band
all weekend long. Think my score was like 130K. I was real proud of my effort
till I got this OO in the mail. I should have framed it. Something to the
effect of "heard you out of band too many times to count".  Seems in the heat
of battle I forgot the extras got 25 kc to play with and I was having illegal
QSO's left and right...on every band...all weekend

 If ya really think about it an OO report is a very discreet kick in the
pants to those of us who stray off the course occasionally. Maybe more of us
should volunteer. Who better to monitor the masses than the top operators in
the world with the best equipt stations? We can't let this slide to anarchy
continue. If they don't learn from the best............
                                               73 es DX
                                             Kicked in the pants

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