oh-oh an OO!

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Sat Nov 9 13:09:58 EST 1996

     FCC Part 97.307 (emission standards) says, in part:
     (b) Emissions resulting from modulation must be confined to the band 
     or segment available to the control operator...
     (d) The mean power of any spurious emission from a station transmitter 
     or external RF power amplifier transmitting on a frequency below 30 
     MHz must not exceed 50 mW and must be at least 40 dB below the mean 
     power of the fundamental emission...
     This knowledge did NOT help me prevent an OO report in the 95 CQWW 
     phone test at the top end of 20 meters!
     Tad, K3TD

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Subject: Re: oh-oh an OO!
Author:  dave at egh.com at INTERNET
Date:    11/9/96 8:43 AM

 My question is - what is the real rule?  Does your center frequency
count as being in the band even if some of your sideband is out, or does all 
6 khz of your compression splatter :-) have to be in the band too?  
73, Dave Clemons K1VUT

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