November CQ/10 Meter Contest Canceled?

Sat Nov 9 15:42:31 EST 1996

Very very true.

The Ten Meter contest is a true test of ones butt!

If you do not keep your butt glued to the chair you will probably regret it.

One of my fellow club members made the big mistake of pulling the switch and
missing the last hour of the contest.  He was a guest op and was anxious to
get on his way home to his apartment after the lack luster weekend.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for those of us who stuck it out - the
last hour of the contest yielded the best rates of the weekend...suddenly -
bang - we had contacts to make!

In order to avoid this same situation from ever occuring again, my friend has
bought some property and his house is almost finished...his goal is to again
return to #1 in the Ten Meter contest.  He operated from the cab of his
pickup truck for SS...parked it at the base of the new tower and placed the
rig on the seat beside him....heah, is this guy into contesting or what?

10 meters can be a really fun band and it can be a really dead band...during
the ten meter contest it is always both - you just never know when the HOT
time will next month.


Jim K4OJ


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