Howabout a vanity reflector?

Jerry Fray jefray at
Sun Nov 10 09:09:55 EST 1996

Tom Ewing wrote:
> I have been silent for TOO long. The man has a point, come on girls,
> someone please put a vanity reflector together and take this vanity S**T
> elsewhere!

Jerry KB9NMU
"No Code - No HF....Know Code KNOW HF!"

>From kg5u at (Dale Martin)  Sun Nov 10 14:24:22 1996
From: kg5u at (Dale Martin) (Dale Martin)
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 08:24:22 -0600
Subject: New Vanity Reflector
Message-ID: <01BBCEE0.951E2EC0 at>

A lot of the 'vanity' traffic seems to be espousing a vanity reflector or
that the subject matter just not be discussed on this reflector. 

May I offer a suggestion: 

For those who have no interest in the vanity comments, simply
delete them before you read them.  I don't know about your message
software, but mine gives me a nice couple of columns of information, 
one of which is the subject line.  I can CTL-mouse click on each one
and bulk delete them before I even read them.  No problem.  

Another alternative is to simply unsubscribe for a month or so until 
this all becomes old news and interest has veered onto another track. 

Vanity program commenters:  Include the word vanity in your subject
line to factilitate the less-than-interested parties deletion of your notes
quickly and efficiently. 

Personally, I find the subject and comments somewhat interesting, 
however, I do delete a lot of them after reading only the first couple of

>From a contest point of view, I look forward to NAQP or Sprint
to see what effects the new calls have...It will be very interesting to 
compare the past and current scores of the new call holders, don't ya

Soon it will all die down....and contest subjects...REAL contest subjects
will prevail.


Dale Martin, KG5U
kg5u at

>From HWDX09A at ( ROBERT   REED)  Sun Nov 10 14:08:41 1996
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 09:08:41, -0500
Subject: Re; Vanity calls QSLING
Message-ID: <199611101408.JAA22932 at>

Callsigns VACATED when a vanity application was made become eligible 
for reissue IMMEDIATELY and could possibly be back in operation with 
a month or so of being vacated. The 2 year wait applies only to 
expired or Silent Key callsigns that may be applied for under other 
regulations. Amateurs have a 2 year grace period to renew an expired 

A VACATED callsign has been set free by the operator relinquishing it 
and is now fair came. Many of these callsigns may stay unissued as 
they were given up for more popular callsigns. One example might be 
N1EE as a popular callsign to be grabbed up as Scott went for an N6 


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>From HWDX09A at ( ROBERT   REED)  Sun Nov 10 14:02:11 1996
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 09:02:11, -0500
Subject: How about a vanity reflector?
Message-ID: <199611101402.JAA11608 at>

Except for maybe a few more messages about the abuses of some people 
in applying for multiple club callsigns the volume of Vanity callsign 
messages had dropped markedly. The process is about over and when the 
remaining applications on file are run the rest will be the same as 
normal processing with little or no comment to be made. What we had 
here was 5,000 amateurs all waiting for news of a new callsign all at 
the same time.

Before the application date opened you will recall discussions of 
what letters and combinations in callsigns met with easy sending and 
understanding by operators in QRM, etc. Those ideas were very 
relevent to both contest and DX uasge and is the basis of why most 
amateur chose to make application for either shorter of better 
understandable callsigns.

Now would be a poor time to start beating what is about a dead issue. 
Plus I believe it was amusing to many to see the views and ideas on 
the subject.

Contesting except for the smaller ones during the year really takes 
up but a few short months of the year. If other unrelated traffic 
using the mailer service bothers you subscribe only from October 
through March when the major contests are in season.

As to using the newsgroups - there are UK and JA newsgroups already 
in operation. Possibly you would feel happier there with different 
opinions and views as they appear around the world.

Vanity callsigns in this period in the USA was one of the hottest 
items in recent amateur news. There hasn't been an application period 
like this in the last 20 years.


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