Rookie Category in CQWW ???

Fabio Schettino i4ufh at
Sun Nov 10 17:23:55 EST 1996

Hi Guys,

I replay a question to the reflector  from I4LEC Clay :

Some month ago there were rumors about new categories for these CQWW, 
rookie, TS, but no announcement on Sept. CQ magazine, are there been 
delayed for the 1997 Contest ? 

I was in the Contest in the TS,Tribander Single wire, because on our
Italian  magazine  Radio  Rivista  has  been   declared  that  these
categories would be added in the 1996.

thank's de Clay I4LEC / IO4LEC

73 de Fabio I4UFH / KF6FBE / one of IR4T 

e-mail i4ufh at

>From 9A3A at MAIL.ACN2.NET (Ivo Pezer, 9A3A/HH2AW/5B4ADA)  Sun Nov 10 22:42:14 1996
From: 9A3A at MAIL.ACN2.NET (Ivo Pezer, 9A3A/HH2AW/5B4ADA) (Ivo Pezer, 9A3A/HH2AW/5B4ADA)
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 17:42:14 -0500
Subject: Alpha 77 - high grid current
Message-ID: <32865A46.48E6 at MAIL.ACN2.NET>

I have problem with Alpha 77 D amp - if I drive it with more than 25-30 
watts, grid current goes high. Managed to tune KW+ one time, but after a 
few minutes grid current started gg up/down. So, I can't tune it 
properly for full output.It has been stored for a long period. The tube 
is OK. Anybody had similar problem?
Please advices to

Ivo Pezer, <9A3A at> (home/HH,not Croatia)
or <Ivo_Pezer_at_DPKO-UNMIH at> (office)

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