HDBX 48 and a 20m monobander

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Sun Nov 10 12:45:00 EST 1996

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>   Since I will not be able to get the 20m antenna on 
>this tower I am wondering if it would be safe to put it on a 
>Rohn HDBX 48 free standing tower?? Anyone on here with an 
>antenna with an 18 foot long boom that is on one of the hdbx 
>series of Rohn towers? Experiences, good or bad???
>   I know that Rohn says no booms longer than 10 feet but others 
>have told me that it is no problem as long as the rotor is 
>mounted down the tower a bit. I cannot put up a guyed tower in 
>the location for the new tower so it needs to be a freestanding 
>, inexpensive tower. I just cannot afford an SSV series tower 
>right now.

Ken --

    I usually tell people to follow the factory specs but the antenna you
mentioned should be no problem on the HDBX.  I've known guys with much bigger
antennas on them and they haven't had any problems.  The HDBX is a STRONG
tower and won't even budge with that load.  The 10 foot boom is more aimed at
the HBX and BX sections that are much smaller and weaker.  Even saw a KT34XA
on top of some guyed HBX -- not recommended but it survived.  Remember that
the BX tower was designed as a tower for TV antennas, not HF yagis!

     BTW, this is the type of question that should be posted on TowerTalk,
and not CQ Contest.  TowerTalk is a reflector for tower and HF antenna
topics.  Send a message to towertalk-request at akorn.net with subscribe in the
message to sign up.  See you there.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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