IG9/IV3TAN in CQ WW Phone

K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Sun Nov 10 12:35:01 EST 1996

While operating in CQ WW Phone on 160 m this year, I could not help noticing
absolutely incredible signal form IG9/IV3TAN. I have not experienced anything
like it in my 38 years of contesting. He would be the first station from that
part of the world hours before rest of them would start breaking through the
noise. You could not miss it, he was "parked" on 1840 for the whole contest.
By about 3 pm he would be S9 to S9 +10, when other Europeans would be just in
the noise. This was almost continuous and no noticeable changes that could be
attributed to directional gain antenna being switched to other directions.
Rough estimation is that he was by about 30 dB stronger than anything from
Eu/Af. 10 dB increase means about 10x increase in the power, 30 dB means.....
(I haven't seen that much difference between stacked 7 el. VE3BMV Razor Beams
and 18 AVT on 15 m.) (Was it Radio MOSCOW transmitter?)

Naturally I was very curious - what is the secret? I posted the question on
the reflectors and inquired with one of the "team African Italy" but so far
only this reply came from one of the European contesters:

"....... they are using there abt 10kW Output power during the contest.
So he was 59 - 24 hours per day here in northern EU...also at noontime 12.00
local. Had some kind of phased verticals I think, but with a 10kW station
I think contesting is a farce. I wonder, what power they declare in their
All things are according to their licence ?? 
HI...so a KW still QRP, we need a new category, broadcast stations for the

Anyone else knows more? Should we have new category - unlimited power? If
they run that much power, is it leagal in Italy(an Africa)? What's the CQ WW
Contest Committee position? What about other bands, they seem to run single
band categories with different calls. If it is the location, I'm on my way
there for the next contest! Whatever it is, I want it! (Only if it's legal.) 

Hey you Vanity crowd, you don't need no stinkin' short callsign to win! 
All you need is ....???

puzzzled oK3BU, Yuri

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