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C.T. Morton kt6v at concentric.net
Sun Nov 10 10:06:58 EST 1996

bill.lumnitzer at paonline.com wrote:
>  Se> Now - with the FCC in it's present state of disarray, and with the
>  Se> amateur bands full of fishing boats, cb-ers, truckers, drug runners,
>  Se> etc - what are the chances an operator will be fined. Probably nil.
>  Se> But, it does say a lot about the amateur operator when they operate
>  Se> in defiance of the rules.
>  Se> de KL7HF
> Not to mention the little statement we all sign in our contest summaries
> that we have abided by all contest and FCC rules (this may be implicit)!
> Maybe this statement should be reworded to protect the ignorant ;)
> N6CQ/3
>I agree with all of the above. Here's some food for thought. What kind of guy spends a contest weekend parked on the band edges nailing those horrible contesters who transgress? Life is a game made up of players and spectators (referees). Who do you suppose has the most fun? This is not a "slam" on the OO program as most of those honorable people provide a real, worthwhile service. Bottom line, this is an honor driven sport, for some honor and honesty are situational (i.e., anything goes along as I dont get caught!), for others, may you do the right thing even when no one else will know. 
Tom K6CT (x-KT6V)

>From seay at Alaska.NET (Jan & Del Seay)  Mon Nov 11 01:37:26 1996
From: seay at Alaska.NET (Jan & Del Seay) (Jan & Del Seay)
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 17:37:26 -0800
Subject: Last visit to "How Close Should I Get"
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I'd like to talk about band edge operating one last time, after reading
the comments from members.
I believe that a Ham, and especially an Extra Class op, should perform
routine setup maintenance on his gear, and be aware of all the
parameters before operating any contest.
For a starter, you should set your digital display accurately to WWV
prior to a contest so you know what your carrier frequency is. Also,
you should pick a proper spot for the generation oscillators and
set them. I use the 6dB down point on both lower and upper ssb. That
makes my 2.4 kHz filter to be around 300-2,700 Hz. If my digital display
is set at 14.300 on usb, my 3dB down point on the ssbsc signal is
approximately 14.3003 and 14.3027. If I were using a 1.8 kHz filter,
then the approximate 3dB down points would be 14.3003 and 14.3021.
I don't recall seeing any requirements for the -40 dB attenuation as
to sideband energy, but I could be wrong. I prefer to think that -60 dB
down is a more realistic figure when running a kw or more. Each Mfg
lists the filter shape factor in the radio specs. For example, I use a
Ten-Tec Omni-6 and the filter I have has a 1.87:1 shape factor, and that
makes the -60 dB point at 4.5 kHz. Since we started this affair with our
carrier generator 300 Hz up the slope, we can add that, and our -60 dB
point is 14.30453. So - my particular radio could be used
comfortably at 4.5 kHz from the subband edge. If the -40 dB figure is
the one you feel good about, then that would be somewhat closer to the
edge. Those of you with access to quality spectrum analyzers might be
able to get within 3 kHz, but not me!

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