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>Pardon me for asking such a vague question. I am in a deed restricted area
>and just have a wire up. I might throw up a vertical. Not a four-square
>or other array, just a single ground-mounted vertical.
>Available are Cushcraft, Butternut, Hustler, Hy-Gain, and more.
>Your .02 greatly appreciated.
Hi, Bob --

    First of all, ANY vertical on your list will work better with a decent
ground radial system.  Don't believe what they say about "no radials
required" verticals.

    All of the aforementioned antennas are trapped verticals exhibiting
varying degrees of inefficiency and bandwidth.  Combine that with their low
angle of radiation and you can see that they leave something to be desired.
 "Dummy load on a stick" is just one of the many disparaging comments aimed
at them.

    I used to work for a ham dealer (CCOMM) and we sold a lot of Butternuts
because they seemed to work better than the rest.  

    I would suggest you check into the new ZR vertical dipole antenna from
Force 12.  It is basically 3 vertical dipoles (10, 15 and 20M) that are bent
so that it has a pretty low profile.  The antennas are over 90% efficient
(because they are full-sized dipoles) unlike the competition, they have
terrific bandwidth (see previous comment), will take any amount of power you
desire and REALLY doesn't need any ground radials (it's a dipole remember).
 And it only has to be mounted 2 feet off the ground.  It looks a little
unconventional but it'll run circles around any other HF vertical.  If I was
in the market, I'd buy one is a New York second.

    BTW, a better place to post this is on TowerTalk - the tower and HF
antenna reflector.  Send a message to towertalk-request at with
subscribe in the message.  See you there.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

    TOWER TECH -- professional tower supplies and services for amateurs -
                                 and Force 12 dealer

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From: WW1E at WORLDNET.ATT.NET (Thomas Thibault) (Thomas Thibault)
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 20:13:12 -0800
Subject: cqww log submission via email
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After cqww ssb contest I requested help, with where I could
send contest log submission to via email. Several requested
I forward the address to them well here they are thanks to
Bob Cox k3est's reply with the address for cqww ssb and
cqww cw.  Send cw log to cw at and ssb to
ssb at

Thankyou Bob I appreciate the help.

Thomas Thibault
Packet @ WW1E @ kc1xx

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