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Mon Nov 11 09:43:38 EST 1996

I don't see a need to debate what is appropriate on the reflectors.  
The administrators have stated what is appropriate for each 
reflector.  The administrators also police the reflectors and inform 
members when subjects are inapporpriate, either privately or 

It's very simple - If the administrators thinks its appropriate, then 
it is.  I don't think that others have been given the authority to 
speak for the administrators.

You may remember when the administrator asked us to not post contest
 scores on the contest reflector.  Closed issue, no debate.  I 
suggest that if you want such a rule to be issued on a subject, 
direct the suggestion to the administrator rather than having a 
pointless ongoing debate on the relector.


Jim Hood, K5TT
President, Oklahoma DX Association
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>From k1vr at (Fred Hopengarten)  Mon Nov 11 15:40:13 1996
From: k1vr at (Fred Hopengarten) (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 10:40:13 EST
Subject: TopBand: Gamma Rod + Sidearm
Message-ID: <19961111.153450.5015.15.k1vr at>

With the increasing use of stacks by contesters, I hope some of you have
thoughts on the gamma rod and sidearm mount problem.

I have a TH6DXX at 61' on a sidearm mount, rotatable.  Loading the tower
with a gamma rod which attached to the 97' tower at 60 feet yielded
unsatisfactory results, so I put up a gamma rod (made of half-inch 75 ohm
hardline) which now extends up to 90'.  The total tower with all antennas
is probably resonant at 1450 KHz.  Here's the question:

As the gamma rod passes the 61' mark, I bring it in to the tower (to
within six inches) gradually and  bring it back out gradually to its
three foot separation.  Would I be better off with a more right angle
approach leaving more gamma rod three feet away from the tower (of Rohn

In other words:

|                                                                |
|                                                                |
 \                                                               | 
  \                                                              |
   \                                                             --------
    /                       OR                                          |
   /                                                             --------
 /                                                               |
|                                                                |
|                                                                |       

(Where the gradual is over 12 feet and the sharp bend is over two feet.)

Finally, AA1AA insists that I ask this additional question:  Would we be
better off if I brought the gamma rod in for four inches to accomodate
the top rail of the "swinging gate" sidearm, brought it in again six
inches later for four inches to accomodate the tribander boom, and
brought it in again 1.5 feet later for four inches for the lower rail of
the "swinging gate" sidearm?  Forget the mechanical issues, he just wants
the answer to the electrical question?

-- Fred K1VR (k1vr at

P.S. I tried this question on the "topband" reflector and received one
substantive response. Yes, I'll summarize when all answers are in.

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