To dupe or not to dupe

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>I do see this one very clear (either I´m very smart or very stupid), the
>Personaly I do get very sick thired when people calls me and don´t have my
>So once again, very very simple, get the fellows c/s and then call him.
>It´s a very ignorant way of behaviour to call a fellow without having his
>99 percent of the time this is a problem with USA amateurs. It rarely hapens
>anyone else but US hams. So whats the conclusion ?  Guess it must be that
>US hams are more ignorant then others.
Hi, Jimmy --

    I agree provided of course that the operator has given his callsign
recently.  In many cases they do not.  If I tune by and hear a pileup and all
the opr is saying is "QRZ?", I'll call him.  If it turns out to be a dupe,
that's his problem.  If he would have identified after every 1 or 2 QSO's, I
never would have called him to dupe him in the first place.  It's a colossal
waste of his time and my time but if he doesn't ID, what else can you do?  It
gets down to the ignorance of the DX station and HIS poor pileup management
techniques, NOT the stations who are calling him.

    BTW, I've submitted a new Q-signal to the ARRL:

    QDC? --  What's your damn call?

73,   Steve  K7LXC

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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 96 8:38:20 PST
Subject: oh-oh an OO!
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> You cannot have any - repeat - ANY energy outside of the band segment.

I don't mean to incite a riot or anything, but can someone please
point me to the exact language in the regulations that state this?
Respond directly to me and I will summarize to the list.

--Trey, N5KO

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