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Tue Nov 12 19:22:44 EST 1996

The thread lives

Am I the only one who is seeing this the other way around (like I usually
do)......I see the adjust speed feature as a plus to make potentially
mucho-QRQ (aka REAL FAST) QSOs possible without having to adjust the speed
control up then back to normal.....I want this for the fast guys, like N4RN!

olde jim


>From aa0cy at (Robert Wanderer)  Sun Nov 10 22:16:03 1996
From: aa0cy at (Robert Wanderer) (Robert Wanderer)
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 14:16:03 -0800
Subject: SS CW scores were down - WHY?
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One solution would be to:
Push CW SS back a week so there's a weekend in-between SSB WW and
CW SS.  Push SSB SS to early December (where ARRL 10 is now; push
that contest into early January).  Therefore, you now have at least one =
between SSB WW, CW SS, CW WW, and SSB SS.  The ARRL 160 can stay
where it is as I believe most people operate only during darkness.
73, Bob AA0CY
From: 	Randy Thompson[SMTP:k5zd at]
Sent: 	Sunday, November 10, 1996 6:27 AM
Subject: 	RE: SS CW scores were down - WHY?

I too noticed that activity was down.  I was surprised when several =
stations made comments that they thought it was better!  Maybe it =
depended on where you were.

We can all agress that big scores come from lots of part time =
participants.  What encourages these people to stay on longer?

- Participation awards (rewards).  SS has these but I sure didn't have =
the "feeling" that there were lots of people chasing these this year =
(not enough low numbers in the log).  Have they worn out their interest?

- Success (i.e. good conditions).  This is where we got hurt the most.  =
Saturday night was horrible.  Bad QRN on 80.  Long skip on both 80 and =
especially 40.  Weak signals.  The guys who normally get on in the early =
part of the contest just didn't stick around.  Of course, they did all =
work K1ZX who was booming in all night on 40.  Any of them that showed =
up on Sunday found a long 40m band, 20 that was wall to wall phase =
noise, and 15 with few signals.  Again, not much reason to stick it out.

- Trade off with CQWW.  I have a theory that the better the CQWW Phone =
contest is the weekend before, the less activity there is in SS CW.  =
Most "normal" people can't devote lots of time two weekends in a row.  =
WW is first, DXing is more fun, so they spend their time there.  One of =
the best record setting SS contests ever was when the calender gave us a =
weekend off between WW and SS.

Interested to see if others have any ideas.  If we can determine the =
problem, then a "marketing" solution may be possible.

Randy, K5ZD

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Sent: 	Saturday, November 09, 1996 5:48 PM
Subject: 	SS CW scores were down - WHY?

As usual, I had fun in SS CW this year.  Hearty thanks to the White =
for hosting me for my first Florida SS operation...

Clearly, scores were down this year.  This holds true in all categories.

With such good A and K-indices, were conditions too good?  I read =
postings that alluded to DX calling in more than usual. =20

Were there other factors that affected activity levels?  I and many =
noticed a significant drop in rates on Sunday.  Was the weather =
nice up north, leading to outdoor activities replacing SS for the casual
participants?  (I can ask that, being a Floridian now!)?  Were the =
games particularly interesting?  Was 60 Minutes more riveting than =

Are we just so increasingly efficient that we can work each other =
quicker and
quicker each year?  (Jim and I went to sleep with #968 in the log, I =
 On CW especially, there is a finite number of QSOs available.  =
that would not account for why there were 100+ more stations to work =

Are we just at the bottom of the sunspot cycle and SS is just not =
any more?

Is it, as one poster suggested a while back, related at all to the
announcement in QST?

This has the potential to be an interesting thread.  As soon as it =
please refrain from posting...

73, Dan, K1TO/4 (opr. at K1ZX Multi-Single)

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