FCC Lied?

wh2z at juno.com wh2z at juno.com
Thu Nov 14 17:22:22 EST 1996

I Agree with you completely, Tony!!!  So you got #4 or #5.  If you don't
like the call you got, then why did you put it on your list?  I don't
think any of this grumbling will change a thing-  the only thing your
doing is pissing off a large number of your contesting peers who's vanity
applications have not yet been processed; put on hold till all these
complaints can be settled.  I'm just waiting.... the messages "FCC behind
Kennedy assasination"  surely must not be far behind!

 I just had to get my feelings out....sorry....
back to Contesting...
Dave WH2Z
"the call that sucks on CW"
impatiently awaiting my new call

Member, USCG, Cape May, NJ  

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:24:51 -0700 (MST) trogo at primenet.com (Tony
Rogozinski) writes:
>Do you guys really think the FCC is going to redo what's already been
>done - if so - you're living in a dream world.  And, what's the point
>the possession of a vanity call sign is not a life and death matter -
>it's just a hobby!!!
>I've been licensed for 39 years and I didn't get the one I requested
>but SO WHAT!  For crissakes let it go and get on with more important
>matters like contest related issues which is what this reflector
>is all about!
>I don't often say anything but enough is enough - get real!
>Tony N7BG
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