A Smoking Gun? The rumor is TRUE!!!

ramirezk at emi.com ramirezk at emi.com
Thu Nov 14 19:19:28 EST 1996

                    Over the past few weeks a rumor has been 
circulating that a major domestic contest is going to be held 
this weekend. The rumor also said something about a serial 
number,power class,callsign,year you were first licensed and 
your ARRL section being part of the exchange. I have done some 
extensive investigative work and have determined that YES there 
is a major competition taking place this coming weekend. It is 
called the ARRL SWEEPSTAKES and it is the Phone portion of this 
contest. It supposedly starts at 2100z on Saturday and ends at 
0300z on Monday.  Will anyone on here be competing in this 
contest? Or will everyone spend the weekend trying to explain to 
the Jacoby and Meyers' Law Firm why they want to sue the FCC 
over a callsign? I think I'll get on and see if this mysterious 
contest IS taking place this weekend. You guys might want to get 
on too. It might help take your minds off of this Vanity 
   73 and sign me  #### B N4UK 77 SC
    Ken ex-KP4XS  

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