Calls from litigation

Thu Nov 14 21:04:35 EST 1996

I understand that there will be a seperate lottery for those who have sued
the FCC, the FCC is opening a new block just for these guys...Argentina has
sold the rights to the L (as in Litiguous) block, so look for:

L4DX, L4CW, L4RM, L4AR   etc.


(it fits like a glove and I should be able to slice thru the pileups with
it...yes, it was choice number 5 and I am making the best of it....there is
no, repeat NO truth to the rumors about my hoping in a Bronco and going after
the guy who got W4ZX)

>From w0mu at (Mike Fatchett)  Fri Nov 15 02:20:57 1996
From: w0mu at (Mike Fatchett) (Mike Fatchett)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 19:20:57 -0700
Subject: Vanity my last thoughts
Message-ID: <01BBD260.F7B75060 at>

Just to clarify my point.  I never said I was going sue the FCC nor did =
I advocate such.  I did say that I thought to be fair, If wrong doing =
was found, would be to re-run it.  Do I think this will ever happen? NO =

My main concern is that people were told by the FCC that this would be a =
random drawing with nobody getting preference.  As stated previously, I =
don't believe this happened.  If they can "pull our legs" with the =
vanity calls what else are they doing?

I do believe that there should be some sort of investigation to either =
prove or disprove this.  We all paid a fee for the opportunity to =
receive a vanity call under the guise that the drawing would be random.  =
If the drawing was not random is this fraud?  I am not an attorney.

Oh and by the way I am happy with the call I got.  Yes I am thrilled =
that I even got the chance to get one.  My morals tell me something =
seems wrong with this program and I felt compelled to respond.

I do plan on writing letters to my congressmen asking them to look into =
the issue and I encourage those who feel as I do to do the same.

For those tired of this thread QUIT READING THEM!!!!!!  Hit the delete =
key when you see Vanity in the subject.

Good luck in the SS TEST this weekend!!!!!

>From graham at (Graham Crosby)  Fri Nov 15 02:33:13 1996
From: graham at (Graham Crosby) (Graham Crosby)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 21:33:13 -0500
Subject: SO WHAT
Message-ID: <199611150229.VAA19033 at>

So! You got your vanity call!................................WHO CARES?

So! You didn't get the call you
wanted!...........................................WHO CARES?

So! The FCC has yet to issue your
call!......................................WHO CARES?

                                            GIVE IT A REST.

Graham Crosby K4XA
graham at
People who think they know everything annoy the
PISS out of those of us that actually do.

>From aa0cy at (Robert Wanderer)  Thu Nov 14 02:00:50 1996
From: aa0cy at (Robert Wanderer) (Robert Wanderer)
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 18:00:50 -0800
Message-ID: <01BBD25C.EA9247E0 at>

I understand Gate 2 call issuances are on hold because of lawsuits.

Does this affect Gate 1 (getting a call I held 30+ years ago?)



>From davew at (Dave Williams)  Fri Nov 15 02:56:02 1996
From: davew at (Dave Williams) (Dave Williams)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 96 20:56:02 -0600
Subject: No subject
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   Dave Williams          davew at       (217)224-8201     Quincy,il


>From k7jj at (Dave Earnest)  Sat Nov 16 03:03:48 1996
From: k7jj at (Dave Earnest) (Dave Earnest)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 19:03:48 -0800
Subject: The FCC Lied -Reply
Message-ID: < at>

Good Lord! Enuf is enough.

Ed carried my app to Pittsburgh and I got my 2nd choice.  When I received
my conditional license 42 years ago, I didn't get a choice, but I do 
remember I was thrilled with W7YBI.

When I upgraded to Advanced in 1968, I received W6HUQ; a reissue and really
had an OT call.

When I upgraded to Extra 12 years ago, I didn't succumb to the lure of the
FCC scrabble calls (2X1) and kept my W7KJJ (another reissue from 1974).

Like the old lady said, "Where's the beef?"

So now I have a 2 letter call.  I put down 25 choices, got my 2nd choice and
am satisfied.  I know of at least one fella who put in for 1 choice and got
it.  Gosh, I don't know if he filed by mail or via email.

What has all the above got to do with contesting anyway?

73, Dave K7JJ. ex-op HZ1AB, KG6ICD, KA2RB, KX6BU
              formerly: W7YBI, K0BQE, W6HUQ, KS6DY (KH8), ZL1BBA, KA2ZZ (Japan)
Dave Earnest

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