What's Wrong with this picture?????

Jerry Fray jefray at comsys.net
Fri Nov 15 02:40:55 EST 1996

Hi Gang -
	Check this....I received 23 msgs from this "contest reflector" when I
got off work this morning. SIXTEEN of the 23 were directly related to
vanity calls! Shouldn't we change the name of the game???
Jerry KB9NMU
"No Code - No HF....Know Code KNOW HF!"

>From radio at UDel.Edu (Robert Penneys)  Fri Nov 15 11:34:47 1996
From: radio at UDel.Edu (Robert Penneys) (Robert Penneys)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 06:34:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Club check ANSWER!!
Message-ID: <199611151134.GAA01318 at copland.udel.edu>

I called the League and was told, check of the club.

Now, how about a vanity club call check thread? I didn't get the 
check I wanted and am suing my astrologer, ninth grade math teacher,
accountant, and Section Manager.

>From radio at UDel.Edu (Robert Penneys)  Fri Nov 15 11:54:32 1996
From: radio at UDel.Edu (Robert Penneys) (Robert Penneys)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 06:54:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: ** New!! Vanity SS!! **
Message-ID: <199611151154.GAA03134 at copland.udel.edu>

It's almost too late to get your Vanity Check and/or Precedent for
the phone Sweepstakes.

If you would like to be enjoy the immeasurable prestige of being
more senior, or, conversely, having the stamina of fondly remembered
youth, apply for one of our Vanity Checks. Don't just settle for the
same ol' 2x0 configuration. Go binary, hex, bar code. Impress your

And, why be limited to the same old precedent? Run as much power as
you want! 666 watts for you-know-whom. Use your own initials. "JR,"
"III" slightly higher west of the rockies.

Money talks. Just call 1-900-VanityBob with your credit card right now!
Don't use a cordless or cellular phone!  Or, just send a new ICOM 756!
It must arrive before the start of the contest.

Life's too short for modesty!  Use the new vanity Q signals...

QG1   I got my first choice 
QG1?  Did you get your first choice?

QSF   I am suing the FCC
QSF?  Are you suing the FCC?

QPD   I paid $_____ for applications, express mail, lawyers
QPD?  How much did you pay?

QBC   I got ____ bogus club vanity calls
QBC?  How many bogus vanity club calls did you get?

QGF   I got flamed ____ times for what I did/said but @#%^#'em!
QGF?  How many times have you been flamed for what you did/said?

That's right! Any number can play! Don't be limited to "Q"!  Use
the "R" signals or "WW" or whatever! Get the credit for it forever!
It only costs a little more! Remember, this is AMERICA, buddy!

Paid for by Citizens for Fatuous Debate 
and Acknowledgement of Ham's Vanity

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