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More on Lampedusa:

How did his signals coompare to I8UDB? He has a similar fantastic QTH, on a
mountain top with the medetarenian all around him. He runs "normal" power.
He would be a good standard of comparison. Of course he is a little North of
the IG9 boys, but not all that much.
The difference should be small.
                                                      73John, ON4UN
(de CG1ZZ: have not worked I8UDB or can't remember hearing him)

Why don't the IG9 boys invite a reputable and trustworthy top band guy to
witness their contest operation from the island. That would kill all rumors.
                                                         73, John, ON4UN

I have followed this "thread" with interest and your remarks contained 
the magic word, "South".  If you go to ionospheric maps, you'll find a 
great advantage to starting at the lower latitudes.  My friend K5NU 
worked long-path right through solar minimum from southern Texas.

And sitting on a hill, next to salt water helps.  My QTH is on a bluff, 
putting my Yagi at 25 meters +/- tides relative to the nearby salt 
water.  So looking to the SW, long-path is a snap from here.  And a hill 
is OK but being on an island is even better.  Good luck on your search for a 
new QTH.
                                               73, Bob, NM7M

W7RM maintains that salt water is worth 10dB on HF.  An RCA(?) study
from the 1920's said basically the same thing.
Probably the best is sitting on top of a high (2,000 feet)
copper-saturated mountain in the middle of the ocean.  I think that NP4A fits
this description.
                                              73,  Steve  K7LXC

I think off the coast of Lampedusa Island IG9 they have a special kind of
salt water that gives 20 - 30 dB instead of 10. 
Maybe someone can go there and run some tests on the water?
                                              73 de Jim SM2EKM 

I think that those who doubt the achievment, after reading the stories, will
be hard to convince.
It is an issue of attitude, and I decided (for myself of course) to believe
IG9s' stories. There are too many factors, and vague theories. What seems
right one day, proves wrong another day. Hill vs. Ocean QTH are just two
factors in an unknown multi-factors prediction.  
We all know that there are operators who use much above legal power, some of
them are our friends. Do we have the answers?
Kudos to IG9/IV3TAN and IG9/I4UFH for their world records.
Many thanks to Bernie WR3E, Yuri K3BU and all the others who supplied facts
and opinions.
                                                73's  de Zaile.    

Hello Yuri
>noticed your posting and that you were with Italian FCC.
Yes before the sale to private peoples of italian mail sistem only one
agency exist and she work on both field, mail and telecomunication. Now
exist two agency. One strictly governative who work only in the
telecomunication field and one semi-governative who work on mail and
financial field....
By the way I pass from one to another because the inspection service exist
only into semi-governative portion and now work with computer virusses ... :)

>What is the power limitation on HF in Italy? Is it the same in Lampedusa
>islands? We heard IG9/IV3TAN on 160 m with such a strong signal - about 30
>stronger than any European or Mediteranean stations. Some suspect his
>location, some are saying that they run excessive power. Can you comment on
>that please?
Yes Lampedusa island is Italy for the law and power limitation is 300 w
input to final stage mesured on the peak of (please not laugh) full carrier
DSB (amplitude modulation) with 400 Hz modulant signal sufficient to
modulate 100% the carrier. This is the law dictate item about amateur radio.
Obviosly the officier use a simply metod for check the regulation respect.
Because all AB class final amplifier not delivery more than 60% of input
power, any amplifier, fully loaded, who don't excede 180 w output il
perfectly legal. Do you need to know one other item by my country. Italy is
the homeland of law violate. In Italy exist over 20000 law but no one men
respect all law item and amateur radio not make exception. Many italian ham
have and daily use linear amplifier 2 kw output even not is necessary for
contact and italian officer of radio control ...simply not control!
That is all folks. Ciao Ciao from George I0YQV.

Dear Albert and Flavio,
Thanks for the information and description of your operation from Lampedusa
Island. Congratulations on your results and the new record. This is so much
more remarkable, because conditions were very bad everywhere else. ON4UN for
example worked only 2 VE and 1 W station. I couldn't even get KL7. I heard
about 30 more countries, but could not get QSO. My score was 102k points 698
Q 14 Z  58C. 
I am very much intrigued by the strength of your signals, I have never seen
that much difference in my 38 years of contesting. If you say that you used
only FL200 amp, this is fantastic. 
I would like to come and operate one of the contests from Lampedusa. Would it
be possible for me to use the same location in the CQ 160 m or ARRL or WPX
contests on 160? Please let me know what is needed for operation as far the
license, permit, or equipment is needed. Would you have the beverages and
other antenna stuff available there? I have VE3BMV, K3BU and N2EE (Nicola
Tesla Radio Club) licenses that I could use. Also if you are planning future
multi operation I would be interested in participating. I can make my Razor
beams available and help with design of the stations.
Good luck in the CW part of CQ WW, I hope bands will be better this time. I
will be back from CG1ZZ on 160.
73 and buona fortuna!
Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU, VE3BMV, P40A, one of N2EE  . .

I am ready to solve the "mystery", I'd like to "see" it with my own ears!
   de K3BU

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