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In a message dated 96-11-15 14:31:18 EST, you write:

>1 - A 70 foot crankup tower which currently
>    has an A4S at the top.
>2 - A hundred foot tower of Rohn 25 located 
>    about 200 feet away from the crankup.

    Hard to make a blanket statement without knowing your wind zone and tower
capacities but...

    The crankup is the mult station.  Unless you're going to put up something
with double the boomlength, the A4 with a 40M kit is okay.  An upgrade would
be a KT34XA or TH7DX but I don't know if the tower could handle it.

    The run station is the 100 footer but the capacity is a question mark.
 Nonetheless, a KT34XA/TH7DX and 402CD Cushcraft would be ideal but may
overload the tower.  In that case, the Force 12 C-4XL has 2 elements on 40M
and it's only one boom so less stress on the tower, less mast required, etc.

    With the exception of monobanders, nothing else comes close.  BTW, a
paper that I have written looks at some of these subjects and it was
presented at the Dayton Contest Forum this year.  Send me your postal address
and I'll send you a copy of "Building A One Tower Station" that will give you
some food for thought.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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