Was...Re: A Smoking Gun? The rumor is TRUE!!!/ NOW: NO BULL!

N3ADL at aol.com N3ADL at aol.com
Fri Nov 15 16:06:58 EST 1996

QRZ SS de N3ADL #  1303 B N3ADL 76 EPA

I'm being Optimistic some of you new vaniteers will get on this weekend and
use your new calls in a CONTEST! This vanity stuff IS getting old BUT I can
see how you might be excited to get that long awaited 1 X 2..so congrats! Now
lets hear from you this weekend. My money is on K3MM getting the 1st sweep
with that new monster station. I can see him grinning now....I am
DXpeditioning to "Flamethrower Mountain", The winter home of Sam, V26B, to
S/O his 781 and Commander {$->
Lets hope the VE8 is active!  Don't forget the new MULT (NNY) for a total of
78. Contest starts 2100Z Saturday to 0300Z Monday. Work 24 of 30. Partial
rules in this months CQ Contest. I'd like to suggest a change in the report
since you all ready give your call we could replace the call with your first
name.. These first few contests are gonna be a bitch not to recognize your

                                         73 de Doug N3ADL

As soon as I get the pictures and video from K4VUD I'll try and give the
group a better look at Team Antigua and a look at our rates. If I can find a
host the log might be available to browse.
          Hope to hear you this weekend!

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