Are QRP skills transferrable?

JPalooka at JPalooka at
Mon Nov 18 21:40:54 EST 1996

Hi Sean,
> After a rough SS SSB this weekend  (QRP and wires...Masochism Incarnate),
> I've more or less decided that I'm not gonna do SSB QRP anymore (I am a
> Cubs fan, battle cry is 'wait till next year!')
> Running the weekend back in my mind, I got to thinking about all the S &
> Píng I did... careful, methodical harvest of each band, and then going and
> doing it all over again. Call ém twice. If you don't get an answer, move
> on.. they'll be around on the next pass.
> Not wanting to open a huge can of worms, is it fair to say that the skills
> developed by the best QRPérs are radically different than the KW folks, or
> is it just pileup skills to the n'th degree? With a setup like I had this
> past weekend, finding a run freq would be a difficult task (though not
> impossible). S & P would be the main way to get Q's. SInce everybody has
> to go S& Píng at SOME point, I was just curious if folks thought there was
> a difference in the approach to S & P.
I have found that when I was QRP/Low Powered for a period of time, my skills
perked back up.  I find here in Chicago and when mobile CW, my skills get
a bit of revitalization.  It only hurts while you operate that way, when you
the antennas and power, feels real good.  When we operate at good locations
too much, our skills deteriorate. Ah, we get lazy!


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