drsi-- try again

Bud k4isv at westky.com
Tue Nov 19 03:21:06 EST 1996

because of computer melt down lost all of the drsi mail i rcvd.
tks to all that offered schematics: yes, i need them-- remember frank,  
w3lpl, offered along with others.  I am trying to get a gud company
to    work on these boards.  Im surprised at the number of us that
need      the repair.   Paccom has had one of my boards for several
months with   no luck so far.
So,  if u have a schematic please send to me:
Bud Foster
P.O. Box 028
Leitchfield, Ky.

1-800-467-2607 works during day

seems like a very gud board es has worked just fine for me but 
mother-nature has given it a curve ball...

thanks for all the interest-- i will try to get results for all of us

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