Bud k4isv at westky.com
Tue Nov 19 02:15:30 EST 1996

I have found a gud source for 1 5/8 heliax.  this is some nice stuff
and  i understand usually costs $20-25 per foot.  this is all new and
 lengths will be less than 200 ft but more than 150 cost estimate now
to  be about $300 each--- there is a limited number... absolutely no 
shipping cause i dont have the time to fool with it!- this is what it
is  costing me so please dont offer less... im just trying to keep some
gud  heliax out of the scrap pit!

cant imagine this stuff having much loss at 1.8-30

>From N6NT at worldnet.att.net (Bruce Sawyer)  Tue Nov 19 02:34:40 1996
From: N6NT at worldnet.att.net (Bruce Sawyer) (Bruce Sawyer)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 02:34:40 +0000
Subject: SSTV Window
Message-ID: <19961119023435.AAA27683 at LOCALNAME>

At 10:27 PM 11/18/96 +0000, you wrote:

>Anyone care to share their experiences and advice?
I was running at 14227, and one of the SSTV bunch came down and tried to
dump his garbage on me.  Usually they only try to pick their fights at
14230-14235, so I was a little surprised to see them come down so low.  I
hung in there on 14227 and just asked for a lot of fills and repeats while
he flooded the frequency with his digitized kiddie porn; eventually the
slimeball got bored with the game and climbed back into the swamp from
whence he came, up in 230-land.  This may be the first time I've ever won
out against them, so it surprised me.  Because of the nature of their
transmissions and because they aren't really trying to copy anything when
they jam you, I've found it's usually pretty pointless to try to stand your
ground against them.  To say that I share your dislike of the SSTV crowd
would be gross understatement.

Bruce, N6NT

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