Dr. Pepper

Marijan Miletic S56A at S55TCP.ampr.org
Wed Nov 20 09:19:44 EST 1996

HI Fred,  I thought you learned to drink tea on your foreign assignements!
73 & CU CW 6 bands de Mario, S56A, N1YU.

>From zs6cax at lia.co.za (K Tahara, Japan Embassy)  Wed Nov 20 09:36:53 1996
From: zs6cax at lia.co.za (K Tahara, Japan Embassy) (K Tahara, Japan Embassy)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 11:36:53 +0200
Subject: WWCW - 3DA0NX
Message-ID: <199611200932.LAA13066 at lia.infolink.co.za>

Again, I will be activating 3DA0NX during the upcoming CQWWCW - SOAB.
Hope to see you all in the party.

BTW, my P.O. Box has changed due to the merger of post offices:

NEW route for direct QSLs:

        Koji Tahara
        Embassy of Japan
        P.O. Box 11434
        Hatfield, Pretoria 0083 South Africa
        ^^^^^^^^           ^^^^

Of course it's also OK via the ZS(ZS6CAX) or JA(JM1CAX) bureau.

>From HWDX09A at prodigy.com ( ROBERT   REED)  Wed Nov 20 09:59:25 1996
From: HWDX09A at prodigy.com ( ROBERT   REED) ( ROBERT   REED)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 04:59:25, -0500
Subject: Vanity Schedule
Message-ID: <199611200959.EAA26534 at mime4.prodigy.com>

Talk is that a lot of litigation has gummed up the works for the 
issuing of the rest of the Vanity Callsigns. I wish people would keep 
up with the facts and not rumors.

As of November 16th the FCC was still in the process of manually 
working the WIPS rejects from the computer. They will not move on to 
other input until these are completed as callsigns are already 
attached to these licenses. The problem needs to be resolved or the 
callsign returned to the database BEFORE more applications are run or 
the callsign is falsely held out as occupied.

As of now the process is working and on schedules according to FCC 
statements of their status.

I don't know of any actual lawsuits filed against the FCC that have 
halted the Vanity process. I do know of questions posed to the FCC 
and Congressional leaders regarding the sudden acceptance of 
electronic filing and do really believe that electronic 610-V 
applications may be rescinded as improperly accepted without 

The Federal Government posts its actions publicly with "due notice."

Everyone going back to read the public notice opening Gate 2 will 
find the section about possible electronic filing. The anticipated 
announcement date was not met. The following week an electronic BETA 
TEST Web Site was opened and announced to be a 1 week TEST ONLY.

The actual acceptance of electronic filing was only given minimal 
word on Friday when most had EXpress Mailed or Fedex'd their 
applications already.

With these electronics processed 1st, people who followed the rules 
over the past year of waiting have a legitimate beef.

So far ONLY the question of how electronic versions were accepted is 
the question I've heard talked about.


 73,   Bob Reed,  W2CE,  ex WB2DIN
       1991 Route 37 West - Lot 109
       Toms River, New Jersey  08757

>From oh6yf at tiltu.teuva.fi (Harri M. Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF)  Wed Nov 20 21:49:19 1996
From: oh6yf at tiltu.teuva.fi (Harri M. Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF) (Harri M. Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 13:49:19 -0800
Subject: CQWW CW DXpedition Summary
References: <01IC1URV0SRI96ZKQG at delphi.com>
Message-ID: <32937CDF.FBC at tiltu.teuva.fi>

3C1             N6ZZ,N5AW MS
3DA0NX          JM1CAX  SOAB team  Nippon                               
3V8BB           DL2HBX SOAB            
5V7A            G's & W's MM 
5X4F            MS           
6Y5XX           JE3MAS  SOAB team Nippon        
8P8Z            K3KG, N6YRU,        KI6IM   M/S
8P9HT           K4BAI SOAB           
8R1K            OH6DO   SOAB Team "Contest Club Finland"
A6              AA6DC           
A35SQ           W7TSQ
C21BH           OH2BH's 50 years anniversary team
C21??           two more calls active
C6              K3TEJ, W7WSJ?
CP6AA           OH0XX   SOAB Team "Contest Club Finland"
CT8T            N6AA SOAB
D44             DL7YY, DL3DXX, DL2AOP, DL2OBF           
EA8EA           OH2KI   80m !!!!! here we go !!!     
FG5BG           JF2DQJ  SOAB team Nippon        
HC8N            WN4KKN         SOAB 
HS0AC or some other call MM
HS0/WA0RJY      SOAB           
IG9/I4UFH       SO 80      
IG9/IK2QEI      SO 20       
IG9/IT9EQO      SO 15        
IG9/IT9GEZ      SO 10       
IG9/IT9GSF      SO 40       
IG9/IV3TAN      SO 160
J6              USA team
JY              DL5MBY                          
JH7PKU          JH7PKU  SOAB team Nippon
L75AA           Argentina                        
OH1EH           OH1EH   160 m
OI1AB           OH1NOA  40m
OI1AF           OH1MDR  15m
OI1HS           OH1HS   15m                     
OI2E            Ohs     MS                                      
OI6YF           OH6YF   SOAB Team "Contest Club Finland"
P40W            Still pending   SOAB                
PY0F            OH2MM   SOAB Team "Contest Club Finland"
V47VJ           G4ZVJ   SOAB                                    
V47JW, WD 
VE9DH           Multi multi
VP5EA           WD5N
XZ1N            US team                     
XX9X            OH2PM   SOAB Team "Contest Club Finland"
ZB2X            - - - cancelled

73 de Harry OH6YF-OH0MYF
oh6yf at tiltu.teuva.fi

>From wfeidt at cpcug.org (Bill Feidt)  Wed Nov 20 11:16:23 1996
From: wfeidt at cpcug.org (Bill Feidt) (Bill Feidt)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 06:16:23 -0500 (EST)
Subject: NG3K CQWW CW DX Operations Table
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.94.961120061238.1091C-100000 at cpcug.org>

Here's the ASCII version of the NG3K CQWW CW DX Operations table for
those without Web access.  As with the SSB version, I will continue
to update this list, so please send any additions/corrections to
wfeidt at cpcug.org. Apologies for the unpretty formatting.

wfeidt at cpcug.org

-----clip here-----

[NG3K Home] [Announced DX Operations] [CQWW SSB]

                        CQWW CW Announced Operations
                            November 23-24, 1996

    Call        QTH     CQZ Class          QSL                  Notes
                                                         By JI1NJC, JR1WLO,
   3B8??     Mauritius  39    -           JT1NJC           JJ6UUH, JI0JRX,

    3C5Z     Equatorial 36   M/S           N6ZZ           By N5AW, N6ZZ; fm
               Guinea                                       Bioco Island
                                   ZS6CAX/Direct (Koji
                                    Tahara, Embassy of
   3DA0NX    Swaziland  38  SOAB  Japan, P.O. Box 11434,      By ZS6CAX
                                    Hatfield, Pretoria
                                  0083 South Africa) or
   3E1DX       Panama   07  SOAB           KU9C               By KF0UI
                                   Automatic via Buro;
                                  Or, for the impatient:
                                   DL2HBX (Ulrich Ann,
   3V8BB      Tunisia   33  SOAB     Marienstr. 20a,          By DL2HBX
                                  D-38104 Braunschweig,
                                    Germany)(US$2 or 1
   5N0MVE     Nigeria   35  SOSB          ON7LX               80 Meters
                                                           By N7MB, G3SXW,
    5V7A        Togo    35   M/M          GM4AGL           G4FAM, GM3YTS,
                                                          K5VT, K7GE, KC7V,
                                                          N7BG, W6RGG, K7PN
                                                           By 5X4F, N3BNA,
    5X4F       Uganda   37   M/S           K3SW           KE4EW; chk 37 kHz
                                                           up fm band edge
   6Y5XX      Jamaica   08  SOAB          6Y5XX               By JE3MAS

   7Z500       Saudi    21   AB            W1AF               By 7Z5OO
                                                         By K4BAI; QSLs for
    8P9Z      Barbados  08  SOAB          K4BAI           8P9HR, 8P9HT also
                                                              via K4BAI
    8R1K       Guyana   09  SOAB          OH0XX               By OH6DO
   9J2SZ       Zambia   36  SOAB          SP8DIP                  -
                                                            By JE1JKL; fm
   9M6NA        East    28  SOSB      JE1JKL/JA Buro          Labuan Is
                                                            (OC-133); 80M
    9Y4H      Trinidad  09  SOAB         CT1AHU?              By CT1BOH

   A45ZN        Oman    21   M/S   Tony Selmes, PO BOX    By A45ZN, SM0CXU
                                  981, Muscat 113, Oman

   A61AF    United Arab 21   SO             -            By K3LP; including
              Emirates                                          160 M
                                     OH2BH (Martti J.
   C21BH       Nauru    31   SO   Laine, Nuottaniementie   By OH2BH et al;
                                   3D20, 022330 Espoo,    fax: 674/444-3796
 C6A/K3TEJ    Bahamas   08   M/S          K3TEJ           By K3TEJ, WA3WSJ
                                   OM2SA (Juraj Sipos,
                                  930 13 Trhova Hradska
  C6A/KM9D    Bahamas   08   M/S    550, okr. Dunajska      By N9NC, KM9D
                                   Streda, Republic of

   CO0RCT       Cuba    08    -             -              By Tunas Radio
                                   Suite 599, 1313 So.
   CP6AA      Bolivia   10  SOAB     Military Trail,          By OH0XX
                                     Deerfield Beach,
                                     FL33442, U.S.A.

   CT9FN     Madeira Is 33   SB             -              By DL2HYH; Band

    CT9U     Madeira Is 33   SB             -              By DL2HYH; Band

    D25L       Angola   36  SOSB   PA3DMH (Buro or CBA)     By PA3DZN; 20
                                                         Meters; High power

   D44BC     Cape Verde 35   M/S          D44BC          By DL2OBF, DL2OAP,
                 Is                                       DL3DXX and DK7YY
                                                         By EA3AIR, EA3AKY,
   EA6IB    Balearic Is 14   M/S      EA3KU or EA6FB       EA3ALV, EA3DU,
                                                            EA6ACC, EA3KU
   ED9EA       Ceuta    33   M/S            -                 By EA7KW
  FH/F6HWU    Mayotte   39    -           F6HWU               By F6HWU

   FS5PL     St Martin  08   M/S          KF0UI             By K9VV, K6CT
   GD4UOL   Isle of Man 14  SOAB      GD Buro; Info        By G4UOL; 100 W

    GM6X      Scotland  14  SOSB     Home CBA or Buro       By GM4FDM; 40
                                                            By HA1AG; 80
                                                            Meters fm old
   HA1AG      Hungary   15  SOSB            -             broadcast station
                                                          w/ 50 m tower and
                                                            large ground
   HC1OT      Ecuador   10  SOAB            -                 By DL1VJ
    HC8N     Galapagos  10    -           AA5BT                By N5KO

    HH2B       Haiti    08   M/S            -              By K0LUZ, N4FZ,

 HR6/WA6VNR   Honduras  07    -           WA6VNR          By WA6VNR; Roatan
   HS8AS      Thailand  26   M/S            -                 By STDXA
                                                             By WA0RJY,
                                                         HS0/SM3DYU, LA7JO,
   HS0AC      Thailand  26   M/S  Jack Fleming, POB 581,  others; Operation
                                    Seattle, WA 98111
                                                          to include 160/80
                                                           By IT9GSF; 160
 IG9/IT9GSF    Italy    33  SOSB            -             Meters; Lampedusa
                                                            By I2VXJ; 80
 IG9/I2VXJ     Italy    33  SOSB            -             Meters; Lampedusa
                                                            By AC7WE; 40
 IG9/AC7WE     Italy    33  SOSB            -             Meters; Lampedusa

  J3/WJ2O     Grenada   08  SOAB           WJ2O             By WJ2O; High
   J38AA      Grenada   08   M/M           KQ1F                By YCCC
                                   Scott Lehman, PO Box
    J6DX      St Lucia  08   M/S   803, Greenville, OH     By SW Ohio DXA
                                  45331 w/ SASE or Buro
   J87GU     St Vincent 08    -           DL7VOG              By DL7VOG
   JW5NM      Svalbard  40    -           LA5NM               By JW5NM
    JY??       Jordan   20   SO           DL5MBY              By DL5MBY
                                                          By KH0DQ/JF1SQC,
   KH0DQ     Mariana Is 27   M/S          JF1SQC            AL7NC/JK3GAD,
                                                              Saipan Is
   L75AA     Argentina  13    -           LU4AA            By LU1BR, LU2AH
    LX4B     Luxembourg 14   SB           LX1TI               80 Meters
  LX/DF0BK   Luxembourg 14   M/S          DL8SCG                  -

   OH0MAM     Aland Is  15  SOSB          OH2MAM            By OH2MAM; 20
    OI2E      Finland   15   M/S          OH2IW            By OH2HE group
    OI7T      Finland   15   M/S          OH7AAC              By OH7AAC
                                                           By OH3MEP; 160
   OI0MEP     Aland Is  15  SOSB          OH3MEP           Meters (Antenna
                                                          permitting) or 80
    P40W       Aruba    09  SOAB           N2MM                By W2GD
  PJ8M or
   PJ8RT     St Maarten 09    -            N7RT                By N7RT

   PY0FF    Fernando de 11  SOAB           W9VA               By OH2MM

  SV5/K7AR   Dodecanese 20  SOSB?         AA6BB             By AA6BB; 20
                                  Belau DXpedition, Box
    T88T       Belau    27   M/S      88, Morris, OK           By W5AO
   TM5CW       France   14    -             -                 By F5SJB

   TM0ZK       France   14   SB           F5OZK             By F5OZK; 40

    V2??      Antigua   08  SOAB          K3TLX          By K3TLX; 50 B-Day
  V2/G6QQ     Antigua   08    -            G6QQ                By G6QQ
   V47KP      St Kitts  08  SOAB          K2DQX                By K2SB
   V47VJ      St Kitts  08    -           G4ZVJ            By G4ZVJ, G4RWD
   V85HG       Brunei   28  SOAB          JH7FQK          By JO1RUR, JO1BMV

   VE9DH       Canada   05   M/M            -              By K2NJ, NR2H,
                                                             AK4L, et al
   VO2??      Labrador  02    -             -             By WB8YJF, WB8YTZ
    VP2E      Anguilla  08  SOAB            -            By AA3B; Low Power
                                   WD5N (103 Osage Dr.,
   VP5EA       Turks    08  SOLP  Leander, TX 78641) or  By WD5N; Low Power
                                         W5 Buro
                                                           By K1CC, KH6IO,
    WH6R       Hawaii   31   M/M            -            KH6HH, KH6XT; Will
                                                         look for EU on low
                                     OH2BH (Martti J.
                                                         By OH2PM; fm Taipa
    XX9X       Macao    24  SOAB  Laine, Nuottaniementie   Island; Special
                                    3D20, 02230 Espoo,
                                         Finland)           160 M effort
    XZ1N      Myanmar   26   M/M           Info               By CADXA
   YB1AQS    Indonesia  28   AB           DK7YY               By DL8WPX

    YW1A     Venezuela  09  SOSB            -               By YV1DIG; 40
                                                         Meters; High Power
   ZA1AJ      Albania   15  SOAB          OK2ZU               By ZA1AJ
    ZB2X     Gibraltar  14   SO             -                 By OH2KI
                                  K4UVT (PO Box 231240,
   ZF2RF     Cayman Is  08   M/S     Montgomery, AL,       By K4UVT, K9MK,
                                       36123-1240)        N5HRG, N9NS, K9LA
    ZM2K    New Zealand 32   M/M            -             By ZL2BSJ, ZL2DX
   ZS8IR     Marion Is  38  SOAB          ZS6EZ               By ZS5IR

Thanks to: DXMB, ARRL DX Bulletin, Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin, 425DXN, DF4RD,
K3TLX, N9NC, W2GD, WE9V, ZS6CAX, CQ-Contest at tgv.com, and many others.
Corrections and additions go to wfeidt at cpcug.org.

Bill Feidt/NG3K
Last updated: November 19, 1996

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