Two More SS Jammming Incidents

N3ADL at N3ADL at
Wed Nov 20 16:09:54 EST 1996

Hi Walt..

 The very technique you employed is perhaps the best. Standard operating
procedure in FRC land is to continue working stations (real or imagined) as
if the jammer did not exist. The idiots feed on your frustrations and the
more you let him/her (I doubt it) know that his jamming is working the more
he will continue. I think the best policy is to treat these losers much like
you would a 2m repeater lid. Ignore them. Hopefully you don't make up a call
thats listening in the bushes..hi 

This is all well and good until the rate falls off the table..then you have
to decide if fighting is worth it. Sometimes its better to QSY and start
elbowing in someplace else. If you ain't workin' ain't scorin'!  That
choice lies with the individual operator.  

                                        73 es DX
                                          de Doug // N3ADL

P.S. I'm still whizzed at the VE boys who called 5X4 for 10 minutes on my 75m
freq without so much as a "pardon me" while I was running SS at 100 per. Real
big 160 ops should at least have the courtesy to ask a running station if he
minded if he called the DX. Perhaps 160 is NOT the "Gentlemen's Band". I
remember the calls and will look for them from the Caribbean and make sure I
QSY the pile up to a nearby frequency. 

The toes you step on today 
may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tommorrow.

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