NU Topic: 2 Headset - 2 Rig Switchbox *IDEA* (LONG)

Billy W. Cox aa4nu at
Thu Nov 21 03:07:00 EST 1996

*This is posted as an *IDEA*, meaning you will have to do    *
*some work (thinking/cutting a few traces/soldering....) or  *
*what used to be called "real amateur radio"  NOTE THE >>> :)*

Recently I posed a query on here as to "how to" switch
2 Heil Prosets with 2 rigs, allowing for either Heil to
be used with either rig ... (K.I.S.S. RULES AT AA4NU !)

Several ideas exist from simple to complex ... and I believe 
we will have some commercial offerings to choose from soon ...
But there's nothing right NOW to do what I wanted here at NU.

I searched FOX's site for background on previous postings,
went back into my bookshelf of NCJ's for other ideas ...

Best (KISS) solution that I discovered was W5ASP's of a
simple 1 headset, 2 radio setup using "store bought" items.
Stop at the Radio Shack, pick ALL up the items, and once you
get back to the shack, in about 5 minutes following W5ASP's
directions ... VOLA ... for CW it worked FB here as I use
seperate paddles for each rig ... But SSB was still a yank
off one headphone and plop the other one on to use the right
boom mike ... Grrrr ... must be a better way, a NU way ????

When I purchased the 'box' that W5ASP used in his article, I glanced 
at all the other 'boxes' that Radio Shack offered ... Mnnn mmnnn 
MMMMNNNN ... After studying each of them, I found the one that 
showed promise for what I desired here !

Look in the 1997 Radio Shack catalog, page 131, center of page.
Part number 15-1951 ($39.99 US) ... Notice the 2 rows of four
buttons ... it's called a "amplified stereo A/V selector". What
that means is that it switches LEFT/RIGHT and VIDEO for two
devices (TV and VCR) to four other sources ... Ahaaaaaaaa ...
Let's see, LEFT/RIGHT, yes that will work for each rig rcve, and
if I could use that VIDEO for the xmit audio ... welll nowww ...

First the good news ...  :)       

Here's how it all worked out .... Hope this "picture" works ...

The upper row of labels indicates RCVE switching status ...
    lower row of labels indicates XMIT switching status ...

                Heil 1           AA4NU             Heil 2

       A     A/B     A/B    B   (RCVE)    A     A/B    A/B    B
      ---    ---     ---   ---           ---    ---    ---   ---
       A      A       B     B   (XMIT)    A      A      B     B

Note =  --- indicates a wide pushbutton type switch, the type that
        when you push one in, the other three stay out ...

Study the "options" you can choose by the 'picture' above ...
Either Heil can choose either rig ... and/or/both ... The 'box'
set on the shelf above the two rigs, just below eye level, where 
either op can reach it to make choices ... or the single op can
use it with either headset ... (KISS rules here remember ...)

This arrangement met my goal of either Heil controlling either
rig, in fact you can listen to the other rig at the same time
as another op is using it by simply hitting a button. (Might be
helpful with a new op on the other rig and he/she can't quite
pull out the new mult's callsign, hit a button, help them, hit
a button, and you are back to your rig ...)

Now the less than good news ... :(   (This is NOT W-95 Plug es Play)

Remember I posted this as an *IDEA* ... but it is easier to do
than to try and describe how to do it ... a couple hours time in all.

As stock, the unit has an internal amp for the VIDEO lines, something
that you must remove, but then you get to use the external 12v power
pak that comes with it to operate something else in the shack ...

You'll need to remove the VIDEO circuit components, and run some
internal jumpers to keep the switching lines complete ...

You'll need to remove all of the other small resistors you see 
on the circuit board ... you do not use them.

You'll need a couple of isolation transformers to stop ground
loops and trash from being a problem (R/S # 273-1374  $ 3.99 US)

And you need to cut a few traces and make a few jumpers after
using your VOM/VTVM/DVM to understand the switching logic of the
mechanical switches (this is NOT high tech stuff guys and gals!)

Use W5ASP's directions for cable hookups as a starting point and
then determine what you will have to do for your setup. I will
give you a "hint" ... one of the secrets is to *THINK* that the
'box' only has THREE options, not four ... think of the 2nd and
3rd positions as being ONE, as you will have to jumper those together 
for the A-A/B-B logic to work ... so it's 1-(2-3)-4 for A-A/B-B ...

Well this post is getting a bit long. The *IDEA* has hopefully
been presented in a manner for those who are capable of reading
this post and now say "ahaaaa .... yesssss, I can do that ..." to
get started. For my needs here, this seems to work FB at present.

Those who desire a "commercial box", I would suggest you contact
George W2VJN at Top Ten Devices (a very FB company!) for ideas ...

TU to W5ASP for the original article, many of you on here for your
answers to my MANY questions to bring this idea to reality and to
N5KO for making this "watering hole" possible to post CONTEST items !

(And for those of you with short flame fuses, ***NO*** I have ZERO)
(connection with Radio Shack, that's the only local source here!!!)

Take this *IDEA*, build it, improve it, and then YOU post the
details for the rest of us, ... 

Now it's YOUR turn to give something back to CONTESTING ...

73 Bill AA4NU   aa4nu at
(well, you know ...)

>From G.Force at (Giorgio Fanelli)  Thu Nov 21 10:21:48 1996
From: G.Force at (Giorgio Fanelli) (Giorgio Fanelli)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 11:21:48 +0100
Subject: Dr. Pepper
Message-ID: <199611211021.LAA15769 at>

Hello readers
few year ago my association contest manager I2UIY write many page about food
and drink during contest time. Maybe one idea if one or more big contester
write few notes about this problem. You agree? Drop me, in any cases, a line
about. CU in the contest (if Murphy don't run around my house...)

>From bigdon at (Big Don)  Thu Nov 21 03:08:49 1996
From: bigdon at (Big Don) (Big Don)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 19:08:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Two More SS Jammming Incidents
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.95.961120190726.15640C-100000 at>

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Walter Deemer wrote:

> I'm reluctant to add my own SS jamming stories to the recent flurry, but am
> doing so anyway -- in the hope that smarter heads than mine can come up with
> possible solutions.

A gentlemens's agreement is a two-way street. Just keep your emissions out
of their window...

Big Don

>From mole at (Frank Connelly)  Wed Nov 20 18:08:01 1996
From: mole at (Frank Connelly) (Frank Connelly)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 10:08:01 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Vanity my last thoughts
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.95.961120100440.7544A-100000 at>

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996, Mike Fatchett wrote:

> Just to clarify my point.  I never said I was going sue the FCC nor did I advocate such.  I did say that I thought to be fair, If wrong doing was found, would be to re-run it.  Do I think this will ever happen? NO WAY!
> My main concern is that people were told by the FCC that this would be a random drawing with nobody getting preference.  As stated previously, I don't believe this happened.  If they can "pull our legs" with the vanity calls what else are they doing?
> I do believe that there should be some sort of investigation to either prove or disprove this.  We all paid a fee for the opportunity to receive a vanity call under the guise that the drawing would be random.  If the drawing was not random is this fraud?  I am not an attorney.
> Oh and by the way I am happy with the call I got.  Yes I am thrilled that I even got the chance to get one.  My morals tell me something seems wrong with this program and I felt compelled to respond.
> I do plan on writing letters to my congressmen asking them to look into the issue and I encourage those who feel as I do to do the same.
> For those tired of this thread QUIT READING THEM!!!!!!  Hit the delete key when you see Vanity in the subject.
> Mike
> W0MU
> Good luck in the SS TEST this weekend!!!!!
Gee, the government said one thing and did something else.  And everybody
is surprised by this???  You mean you really trusted the government?
These folks probably think the IRS is their friend.  

Frank, W7ND
(Call received in the 70s by getting an FCC official very drunk at the
Watergate Hotel one night.)

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