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Jay Terleski at
Thu Nov 21 07:29:32 EST 1996

Billy W. Cox wrote:
> QRX !!! Perhaps rather than the all *itching and *laming ...
> If EACH of US would post something USEFUL, the reflector
> content would improve, and continue in the purpose it exists,
>                             for CONTESTING ...
> So ... Here's my "tip of the day" ...
> I noticed that the Heil Prosets used here seemed rather
> "breathy" when trying to set the audio/VOX properly ...
> Solution : Stop by your local Radio Shack and pickup a
> Part Number 33-378 ($ 3.99 US) and slide it over the
> Heil's flexiable boom. Made quite abit of difference
> here at AA4NU and probably helps the mike element to
> NOT get full of spit/food/??? It's plenty long and
> does not need tape/tie wrap/etc to hold it in place ...
> And now ... it's YOUR turn ! With the past full bore
> weekend(s) of contests, pass on the 'tips of the day'
> that you learned the last time out ...
> 73 Bill AA4NU  aa4nu at
> (the lucky guy who gets to use a NU callsign each and everyday !)

OK I'll bite, whats the part number you give for....a mic sock wind

TIP of the day .....a couple of years ago I had a M/M effort going and
my dog decided to play with a skunk.  She came running into the shack
very unhappily and dove under one of the operating tables.  

You should have seen the place empty.  The rate meter went from 200 to

Oh the tip, auh.. well ......tomato juice really does work.  You open a
can of juice 
smear it on the dog......

Jay WX0Baaaark

>From Jaye_Sturtevant at (Jaye Sturtevant)  Thu Nov 21 14:10:02 1996
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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 96 09:10:02 -500
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>From dippel at (Dieter Dippel)  Thu Nov 21 15:33:59 1996
From: dippel at (Dieter Dippel) (Dieter Dippel)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 15:33:59 MET
Subject: Europe CQWWDX-Homepage
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Hello "CQWWDX-Contest-Gang", 

I added an extra www-page for the CQWWDX Contest to our homepage.
Mainly for people in Europe with problems getting in touch with overseas Web-Server.

Bavarian Contest Club:

Special offer are:
AD1C's CT-databases
Submitting logs via email

73 de Dieter, DF4RD
email: dippel at

>From James_E_Brown at (James E Brown)  Thu Nov 21 14:36:08 1996
From: James_E_Brown at (James E Brown) (James E Brown)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 09:36:08 -0500
Subject: Vanities
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If any of you have a 610v on file, and think that all your choices are
secure until processing of day 2 and later begins, that is not necessarily
the case.  They are still issuing a few vanities.  Whether these are from
the WIPS pile, or exceptions are being made for club calls, I dont know. 
One of my choices just got issued to a club station.  They should just get
on with it.

>From hlserra at (H. L. Serra)  Thu Nov 21 15:26:26 1996
From: hlserra at (H. L. Serra) (H. L. Serra)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 07:26:26 -0800 (PST)
Subject: KV4AA
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9611210719.A26412-0100000 at>

Gee, Gary. I was a ham kid on LI during the fifties and early sixties and
thought Dick used a bug because his Dahs were longer than 3:1, and
sometimes of unpredictably variable length. I always thought there might
have been a rum Collins on the operating table. Anyway, that's why I 
wanted a tape of KV4AA-- to bypass the vagaries of memory, mine, yours, or 
anyone else's.

As another ham wrote in response to my query:

"Baaaaaah dit Baaaaaaah dit       Baaaaaaah  Baaaaaah dit  

73, Larry N6NC

>From silver at (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)  Thu Nov 21 15:26:29 1996
From: silver at (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira) (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 13:26:29 -0200
Subject: propagation on 80 during CQWW?
Message-ID: < at>

Hi all,

Does anyone have a forecast for the propagation on 80 during the CQ WW
contest this weekend? I'd like to concentrate my efforts on this band.

73 and CU in the TEST,

Carlos - PY1CAS

>From graham at (Graham Crosby)  Thu Nov 21 15:53:22 1996
From: graham at (Graham Crosby) (Graham Crosby)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 10:53:22 -0500
Subject: Fw: SO WHAT
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> From: k4sb at
> To: cq-contest at; bsmith at
> Subject: RE: SO WHAT
> Date: Thursday, November 21, 1996 12:23 AM
> The people who have gotten their vanity calls care. Why don't you spend a
couple of >mins and
> look for the delete key? Nobody's forcing you to read them. 

Gee, thanks for your stunning insight Ed, but why should I have to spend
time with my delete key for a bunch of crap that shouldn't be here in the
first place? And for your information, my club call 610V has NOT been
processed yet. So I am one of the people who DON'T have one yet. If I don't
get it, I will be disappointed. But I think I will be able to continue life
as I know it.

Graham Crosby K4XA
graham at
People who think they know everything annoy the
PISS out of those of us that actually do.

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