NU Topic: Heil Proset Tip

Billy W. Cox aa4nu at
Thu Nov 21 01:27:41 EST 1996

QRX !!! Perhaps rather than the all *itching and *laming ...

If EACH of US would post something USEFUL, the reflector 
content would improve, and continue in the purpose it exists, 

                            for CONTESTING ...

So ... Here's my "tip of the day" ... 

I noticed that the Heil Prosets used here seemed rather
"breathy" when trying to set the audio/VOX properly ...

Solution : Stop by your local Radio Shack and pickup a
Part Number 33-378 ($ 3.99 US) and slide it over the
Heil's flexiable boom. Made quite abit of difference 
here at AA4NU and probably helps the mike element to
NOT get full of spit/food/??? It's plenty long and
does not need tape/tie wrap/etc to hold it in place ...

And now ... it's YOUR turn ! With the past full bore
weekend(s) of contests, pass on the 'tips of the day'
that you learned the last time out ...

73 Bill AA4NU  aa4nu at
(the lucky guy who gets to use a NU callsign each and everyday !)

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