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>From tomwagner at (Tom Wagner)  Fri Nov 22 10:50:10 1996
From: tomwagner at (Tom Wagner) (Tom Wagner)
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 10:50:10 GMT
Subject: 15" Monitor Survey
Message-ID: < at>

Here is the summary of 15" monitors.  Thanks to all
that replied.  I hope you get the one you want for 
Christmas for your *contest* station!

Tom - N1MM

P.S. I'll probably spend the big bucks and get
the NEC XV15+ -- top-rated by Consumer Reports as
well (July, 1996)

Brand        Model  RFI
------------ -----  ----------------
Packard-Bell VLMF   Stinks
NEC          XV15   Good - 2 reports
NEC          XE15   No noise
NEC          ???    Presumably good
NEC          3D     no noise - not susceptible to RF (exclnt and rugged)
Viewsonic    15EX   Not too bad
Samsung      15GLE  A little RFI
MAG          ???    Good 15" & 17"
ACER         56L    BAD
ACER         ???    Is the worst
Gateway      1572DG No RFI, No problems
Dell         ???    160 bad, other bands good (see below)
CTX          1565GM Very quiet
CTX          ???    A lot of noise, hard on eyes
Sony         15SFII no RFI, no noise, no nothing
Sony         15SFII very quiet
Sony         ???    Less (hearsay)
Compaq       151FS  great!
Compaq       150    no noise - wiggles a little when transmitting

Original posting and responses follow
There was a thread on 17" monitors, but I am interested 
in replacing my 15" Acer 56L monitor.  It has too much
rf coming out the front, plus one of the guns is starting 
to flake out.

Could you let me know what 15" monitors you like and 
dislike for contest use?  I am most interested in
rf susceptibility and noise generation, the features
hardest to evaluate at the computer show.

I'll post the results at the end of the week.

Tom - N1MM

P.S.  The NEC MultiSync XV15 I borrowed from 
work is pretty quiet, but pretty expensive.
I have a packard bell VLMF... it might not radiate as many of those harmful rays
that kill your eyes, but it sure stinks on rf. I have done just about everything
one can do to cure it (paint inside with metalized paint, etc) but to no avail. 
I now have it set up far enough away ~2-3 feet, that it isn't getting to the rig
now, but boy what a pain to read and operate during the contests.

Al - kk5zx   
The Viewsonic 15EX seems to be just fine. Not too bad in the
computer/monitor noise department.
Jay Townsend, WS7I  < jayt at >
I use a SAMSUNG Syncmaster 15GLe....crisp display, never any RFI incoming,
but maybe a little bit of a RFI generator, but not bad at all.... 


VE6JY is Don Moman               email: ve6jy at 
I sure would like to know what you find.  The emi/rfi output is especially
key.  Got A input from local guy that Sony has less emi/rfi as its power
supply is shielded internally. Not sure if valid, so would like your summary.


w7om at
I use an NEC Multisync. I guess you get what you pay for.

73. Ken, K6LA - Ken Six Los Angeles, KWIDELITZ at DELPHI.COM

MAG makes good 15 and 17 inch monitors.

ACER is the worst...

John, K1AE

Tom, no problems with my NECX XE15, tho it's expensive.  No noise or
problems from RF.

73, Jim N7US

Perhaps you get what you pay for. After enduring several "economy"
Chinese monitors that generated noise and regularly blew flyback
transfomers, I bit the bullet and bought a NEC Multisync XV15. It sits
right next to my TS930S and is pretty damned quiet. I already had an
older 17" NEC on my Macintosh, 3 feet away and loved it. Good display,
sturdy, no problems. The industry people I have talked to have a simple
refrain: there is NEC, there is SONY...and there is everyone else.
Garry Shapiro, NI6T
Editor, The DXer
newsletter of the Northern California DX Club
Tom - I have a Gateway 1572DG 15 inch monitor (part of package with 
computer). No RFI, no problems. 
Barry Kutner, W2UP 
I have a Dell either 14 or 15 inch monitor on my Compaq 
386-25 in the shack. I notice it puts out plenty of RFI.  
Mostly at these freqs:

160m   1.824 - real bad - notice some RFI from the family TV also
 80m   only RFI on this band is from the family TV
 40m   nil
 30m   nil
 20m   14.005 - real bad
 17m   18.077 (+/- 2)
 15m   never really noticed any
 12m   24.895 (+/- 5 or so)
 10m   same as 15

I just reach up and shut it off if something comes thru that I want to
work on any of the freqs listed.

Scott K8SM
I use two monitors, a 17' and a 15' CTX.
No RFI from either one - pretty impressive.

The 15' model number is CTX 1565GM - has 
two toroids on the video lead factory installed.

I've moved this monitor around to other contest
stations and it's worked fine there - in fact,
I have more trouble with my computer, but that
problem is fairly solved.

The CTX monitors are very very quiet - don't
know what they did to make them that way, but
that's the deal.

Good luck
Tom, NM1Q (tomf at
Hi Tom  I am using a CTX 15" model.  It causes a lot of noise es 
setting close to a 15 inch screen is hard on the eyes.  A smaller 
screen would be my choice.  I have heard that rearranging the power 
cord and using clamp on toroids work too but have not tried that yet. 
 Would appreciate your summary es Happy Holidays to you.  Mucho snow 
here this morning-pretty unusal for Western Washington. 73  de Bob 
Hello Tom I`am using a Sony 15SFII for about a hear just beside the
amp,sometimes wen hunting for the dx with 1.5 kw I see no RFI no noise no
nothing that I have to report or complain about the monitor image very
clear,nothing bad to report I see every thing on the excellent side,try one
you will be happy.
73 Rui.

VA3WTO one of VA3SK Contest team.
Compaq 151FS - great!
E-mail: frenaye at    Internet:
Tom Frenaye, K1KI, P O Box 386, West Suffield CT 06093 Phone: 860-668-5444
I vote for a Sony 15sfII. I got it just before CQWWssb and it is very quiet. 
73 de Les KG1D
From: "Robert E. Naumann" <kr2j at>

I have used 2:

1)  The NEC 3D - no noise - not susceptible to RF (excellent and rugged)
2)  Compaq 150 - no noise - slightly susceptible to RF (wiggles a 
        little when transmitting)

>From broz at (John Brosnahan)  Fri Nov 22 12:03:49 1996
From: broz at (John Brosnahan) (John Brosnahan)
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 06:03:49 -0600
Subject: Large Antenna Wind Loading
Message-ID: <199611221302.AA12617 at>

At 10:48 PM 11/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I have installed a large KLM 6 el. 20M antenna.
>I am using the large Create RC5B3 rotator and still have some trouble with
>stalling in heavy wind.
>The antenna stalls because the front of the boom is much longer than the back
>and therefore not WIND balanced.
>I have heard that someone has discovered how to WIND balance this antenna by
>adding plastic sheet to the boom at the appropriate spot.
>Does anyone know how to do this or have the needed information or any other
>ideas on how to solve this problem?

Here is the way to simplistically calculate what you need (it only addresses
the issue of the boom itself--not the differences in wind loading from the
or the end view of the various elements--but it is a good start.  You can
calculate the effects of the element-to-boom clamps and other hardware
in a similar fashion, if you are into picking nits.

The KLM 20M-6 has a 31.0 ft boom half and a 26.66 ft boom half.  The
difference is 4.33 ft.  The area of this in inches is 4.33 ft x 12 in x 3 in
diameter) x 0.66 (correction factor for round booms) which is 102.88 sqin.
This area is acting from a point in the center of the extra piece (4.33/2 =
and this point is 26.66 ft + 2.165 ft = 28.825 from the mast.  Multiply this
area times the distance to find the "effect" that must be balanced (not torque,
since we haven't converted this into the appropriate units--and don't need
to, since all we need to do is balance the "effect"--saves some needless
steps).  102.88 sqin x 28.825 ft = 2,965.52 sqinft.  Now all we need to do
is mount something of an area that when mounted some distance from the 
mast will provide an equal value of sqinft.  If using a flat sheet--say 4 inches
by 36 inches  (144 sqin--round correction factor not appropriate for the flat
object) this needs to be mounted with its center at 20.59 ft from the mast
on the 26.66 ft side of the boom   (2,965.52/144 = 20.59 ft)

Say you want to stick the wind vane balance sheet centered between the reflector
and the top guy bracket, this would allow for a piece that isup to  about 48
long (with enough extra space to clear the clamp and element bracket--the
center to
center spacing between them is 54 inches).  The mid-point between the reflector
(26' 6" from the mast) and the top guy bracket (22' 0" from the mast) is 24' 3"
or 24.25 ft.   2,965.52/24.25 = 122.29 sqin.  If you use a flat plate that
is 3 inches wide then you need a piece that is 122.29/3 = 40.763 inches long.
(or if you use something that is mounted with its center in the same place
but is
6 inches wide then it only needs to be half as long).

Think this illustrates the technique.  Didn't double check the numbers
(trying to
get ready for CQWW) but you get the idea, I trust.

73  John  

John Brosnahan   W0UN
24115 County Road 40
La Salle, CO 80645

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